Kim Min-woo 228 million ‘highest amount’-Kim In-hwan 100% highest increase rate… Hanwha annual salary contract completed

Hanwha Eagles completed the 2023 team salary contract.

According to Hanwha on the 26th, among the 49 registered players who were contracted, the highest salary was pitcher Kim Min-woo, who signed a stamp at 228 million won, a 37 million won (19.4%) increase from last season.

Infielder Jeong Eun-won also signed a contract for 218 million won, an increase of 27.2 million won (14.3%) from last season, and became a player with an annual salary of 200 million won. 카지노사이트

The player with the biggest increase was pitcher Kim Bum-soo, who signed a contract for 141 million won, up 44.2 million won (45.7%) from last year, rising to the ranks of billionaires.

Infielder Kim In-hwan, who performed impressively last year, signed a contract for 64 million won, a 100% increase, recording the highest increase in the team.

Pitcher Jang Min-jae also signed a contract for 115 million won, up 39 million won (51.3%) from last year.

Hanwha said, “In order to strengthen the motivation of players this season, we have prepared a standard for selecting options for players with an annual salary of over 100 million won and have a year-on-year increase factor, and introduced it into salary negotiations.” In consideration of this, sophisticated customized conditions were presented to each player, and if the option was achieved, incentives other than the contract salary were paid.. Through this, the more players fill the option, the higher the contribution to the team, creating a win-win contract We hope this will be the case,” he said.

Following the completion of the annual salary contract, all of the Hanwha players will participate in the first team Arizona-Japan Okinawa and Futures Japan Kochi spring camps.

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