“(Kim) Seohyun is also a fast ball… ” A 160km duo in the 1st and 2nd starting ranks is emerging in Hanwha? not imagining

“Seohyun is also a fast ball.”

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho hinted at the possibility of adjusting the starting lineup during the last three away matches against LG in the first half. Felix Pena, Ricardo Sanchez, Moon Dong-ju, Han Seung-hyuk are fixed, and Han Seung-ju is moving to the bullpen. Jang Min-jae and Kim Seo-hyun compete for the remaining 5 starters.

Jang Min-jae started as a starting pitcher, but lost his position after sluggish performance, and is trying to regain it. He also has plenty of starting pitcher experience. On the other hand, rookie Kim Seo-hyun has no experience as a starting pitcher. After he came up to the first team, he was shaken while gaining experience with intermediate relief, and while adjusting in the second team, he took starting classes altogether.온라인바카라

At this point, director Choi Won-ho may have made up his mind, or he may continue to think about it. However, if it were to make a decision for the future, it would definitely be Kim Seo-hyun. Coach Choi, Hanwha, and Kim Seo-hyun all have the idea that they should grow up as starting pitchers anyway. Since the 1st to 3rd picks are stable, there is a possibility that a 5th pick will make a future-oriented decision.

If Kim Seo-hyun is selected by coach Choi as the 5th starter, two of the three spots for Hanwha’s native starting pitcher will be filled by first- or second-year rookies, and even Kang Sok-gyu, a promising player who has covered 160km or has the possibility of spraying. For fans, the 160km duo of Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun is a huge topic and attraction.

On the 15th, the reporters at the all-star fan signing event brought up the story of Kim Seo-hyun to Moon Dong-ju. When he said that there was a possibility that Kim Seo-hyun would join the starting lineup, he said, “I have to do well with Seo-hyun.” I asked him about Kim Seo-hyun, whom Moon Dong-ju thought of as his close friend.

Moon Dong-ju said, “Everyone knows about the advantages. too many. There are many things. A player I don’t need advice from.” At the same time, Moon Dong-ju laughed and said, “Seohyun is also a fast ball. But they didn’t ask me about my preparation as a starting pitcher.”

However, Moon Dong-joo said, “It is important to work hard according to the given situation. It is important to focus on what I can do without being greedy.” Rather than trying to do too well, trusting catcher Choi Jae-hoon and focusing only on his strengths is attractive enough. This also applies to Seohyun Kim.

Unlike Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun is more like a three-quarter player. This trajectory can feel rather tricky to others. General manager Son Hyuk also highly praised Kim Seo-hyun’s ability to change the height of his arm and throw at the Mesa spring camp. However, as the season progressed, it did not appear that way. It means that you care more about balance than speed. It is true that if you want to build competitiveness as a starting pitcher right away, you need to pay more attention to game management than speed. Of course, it is also true that I am curious about whether I will shoot 160km as a starter in the future.

Kim Seo-hyun had an average ERA of 5.60 with one save in 18 games in the first half. He is an unfinished standby. His last appearance in the first team was against Doosan on June 7th. He won 1 win and 1 hold in 8 games in the 2nd team with an ERA of 1.50. It has been increased to 5.2 innings against the Goyang Heroes on the 6th. Kim Seo-hyun’s utilization in the second half is the biggest point of observation for Hanwha at this point.

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