Vice-Chairman Jeong Gwi-seop (62) has been confirmed as acting president of the Korea Curling Federation, which has been vacant due to the resignation of former president Kim Yong-bin.

On the 6th, the Korea Sports Council (Chairman Lee Ki-heung) said, “According to the request for approval of the acting president due to the vacancy of the president of the Korea Curling Federation, the acting president is approved in accordance with Article 21, Paragraph 4 of the Member Sport Organization Regulations.”

Former Chairman Kim Yong-bin of the Korea Curling Federation resigned on the 3rd, saying, “Due to the deteriorating business environment at home and abroad, I decided to resign as the president of the Korea Curling Federation and as a director of the Korea Sports Association in order to fully focus on the management of the current company and normalize management.” 

At the request of the Korea Curling Federation, the Korea Sports Council approved Vice President Chung Gwi-seop’s acting duties based on the member sport organization regulations (in order of seniority). 

The successor president of the Korea Curling Federation will hold a by-election within March 7 in accordance with the Korea Olympic Committee regulations (by-elections within 60 days if the remaining term of office of the president of a member event is one year or more), on the 8th of the month). 토토사이트

On the other hand, on March 9, 2021, former Chairman Kim Yong-bin, who started his official term as the 9th chairman through the ‘Korea Curling Federation 2021 regular general meeting of delegates’, said that he was the chairman of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. He resigned on the 3rd after experiencing management difficulties such as delays in gold payments. 

In April of last year, it became known that he was being investigated by the prosecution for violating the Capital Markets Act, raising voices of concern about the recurrence of his chairman’s vacancy.