Korea Little Baseball Federation presidents delivered relief donations to the Embassy of Turkey

The Korea Little Baseball Federation presidents (Chairman Yu Seung-an) decided to donate 10 million won in relief funds to help the people and children of Turkiye, who are suffering from the loss of their families and livelihoods due to the recent large-scale earthquake, on the 11th. revealed 

Yoo Seung-an, chairman of the Korea Little Baseball Federation, said, “As a person in charge of Korea Children’s Little Baseball, I hope that the desperate hearts and hopes of the families of the Korea Little Baseball Federation will be conveyed to the Turkish people and children who have lost precious families due to unexpected disasters and suffered great damage. I hope토토사이트,” he said. 

Chairman Yoo Seung-an continued, “We decided to support the donation with the hope that it will help people recover from daily life as soon as possible and that more people will join us.

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