Kudron’s first win alongside Donggung Kang… Ranking No. 1 Cho Jae-ho, Choi Won-joon wins

While favorites such as Kudron and Donggung Kang won their first victory, Jaeho Cho, who was ranked #1 in prize money, suffered a blow.

On the 2nd at JTBC Studio in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, all the matches on the first day of the group stage of the ‘SK Rent-a-car PBA-LPBA World Championship’ ended.

‘Defending champion’ Frederick Kudlong카지노사이트 (Welcome Savings Bank) beat Kim Jong-won (TS Shampoo, Puradak) in the first match of Group C with a set score of 3:1 (14:15, 15:6, 15:12, 15:10) come-from-behind victory Reaped. Kudron gave up the first set at 14:15 (8 innings), but won the second set at 15:6 (5 innings) with 8 high runs to tie the set score 1:1. Kudron, who won the 3rd set with 15:12 (9 innings), ended the match with 15:10 with 9 high runs and 8 innings in the 4th set.

Kang Dong-gung (SK Rent-A-Car Direct) defeated Oh Seong-wook (Huons Legend) with a set score of 3:0 (15:12, 15:14, 15:14). The score was a set score of 3:0, but the match was a close match every set. Donggung Kang overturned the charter at 12:9 with 8 high runs in 3 innings after losing the first set by 4:7, and finished with 15:12 in 7 innings. The second set was also dragged to 10:14, but in the 11th and 12th innings, they scored 3 and 2 points, respectively, and won 15:14. In the third set, both players were sluggish in the beginning, and the game was decided in the last minute. Kang Dong-gung missed 9 consecutive innings in the beginning, but finished the game with a 15:14 victory by one point with a high run of 7 points in the 11th inning.

In Group D, made up of foreign players, Maminkam (NH Nonghyup Card) beat Antonio Montes 3:0 (15:2, 15:1, 15:12), and Philippos Kasidocostas (Hana Card) defeated Ngodin Nai (Hana Card). SK Rent-A-Car) was defeated with a set score of 3:1 (15:7, 12:15, 15:4, 15:13).

On the other hand, Cho Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card), who ranked first in prize money this season, lost with a set score of 0:3 (7:15, 3:15, 2:15) to Choi Won-joon’s explosive attack. Choi Won-joon recorded an average of 2.813 by finishing the 3rd set in 16 innings with a high run at every turning point.

Meanwhile, in the 1st and 2nd round matches held earlier, Spanish players such as Zapata, Martinez, and Palazon showed strength by winning their first wins side by side.

Group B David Zapata won a come-from-behind victory over Byeong-Chan Noh with a set score of 3:1 (5:15, 15:4, 15:4, 15:13), and David Martinez defeated Joo-Seon Park with a set score of 3:0 (15:3, 15:15:15). ,1 15:13). Javier Palazon won with a set score of 3:2 (15:4, 15:12, 12:15, 5:15, 11:0) after a 5-set match against Shin Dae-gwon.

Birol Weimaz scored a set score of 1:3 to Baek Chan-hyun (15:13, 11:15, 4:15, 2:15), and Kang Min-gu scored a set score of 0:3 to Kim Im-kwon (TS Shampoo, Pura Chicken) (12:15, 12:15). 4:15, 8:15). Also, Crown Haetae ‘Captain’ Kim Jae-geun and Eddie Leppens Lee Young-hoon and Oh Tae-joon also got their first win.

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