Lebron’s self-blame: “I was the worst in Game 5”

 I couldn’t finish when I had to. As LeBron James said, finishing the series wasn’t easy.

The first round of the Western Conference playoffs between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies goes to Game 6. In Game 5 held on the 27th (Korean time), Memphis beat the Lakers 116-99 to make the series 2-3.

The Lakers still have the advantage. Game 6 is held at home, and with just one win, they advance to the second round of the playoffs. 토토사이트

Before Game 5, LeBron said, “The most difficult part of the playoff series is the moment when you have to finish. At this point, fatigue is at its peak.” “We’re ready,” he added, but he was beaten by Memphis on an energy level.

After the game, LeBron cursed himself and said, “I was the worst in Game 5. I will do better in Game 6.”

On this day, Lebron was sluggish than usual with 15 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Yatoo threw 17 and missed 12. He made just one of nine 3-pointers.

Born in 1984, the 40-year-old Lebron played 45 minutes in overtime in Game 4. It is natural that he is physically exhausted.

Memphis, in particular, is the second youngest team in the league. Even his attack speed is fast, so his stamina is consumed quickly.

LeBron declined to comment on his fitness. He reflected, “I just need to get better. I have to do well first with me. In Game 5, I didn’t do well at all. The defense was pretty good, but the offense was really messed up.”

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