Lee Chae-woon wins the halfpipe at the Snowboard World Championships… Korea’s first ski

Snowboard prodigy Lee Chae-woon (17, Surigo) became the first Korean skier and snowboarder to reach the top of the World Championships.

Lee Chae-woon won the championship with a score of 93.5 in the snowboard men’s halfpipe final at the International Ski Federation (FIS) Freestyle Snowboard World Championships held in Bakuriani, Georgia on the 3rd.

The first world championship in Korean skiing and snowboarding history came out with a gold medal.

Until now, Kim Sang-gyeom in the 2021 snowboarding men’s parallel giant slalom and Seo Ji-won in the 2017 freestyle skiing women’s dual mogul event recorded 4th place, which was the best ever World Championships for Korean skiing.

Lee Chae-woon, who was born in 2006 and participated in last year’s Beijing Winter Olympics as the youngest athlete in the entire Korean team, became the protagonist of the first world championship gold medal in Korean skiing.

Lee Chae-woon, who started snowboarding at the age of 6카지노사이트, won the men’s halfpipe bronze medal at the 2021 Junior World Championships and won the Junior World Championships last year, standing out from his childhood and being evaluated as a promising player.

He started on the FIS World Cup stage last season and showed his potential by finishing 4th twice this season, but he was unable to stand on the podium.

In the preliminaries for this tournament, Lee Chae-woon advanced to the finals with 10 players competing in 7th overall.

After scoring 77.25 in the first period of the final, he further improved his score to 86 in the second period, and gave his best performance in the final third period.

He showed off his splendid skills, such as showing off 1440-degree rotations in the beginning, and received 93.5 points, beating Valentino Guselli (Australia, 93 points) by a narrow margin and rising to first place.

Lee Chae-woon couldn’t hide his joy in a local flash interview right after winning, saying, “I can’t believe this moment. My dream came true.”

The snowboard halfpipe is a competition in which judges score and rank rankings based on basic movements, rotation, technique, and difficulty of aerial performances such as rotation and jumping on an inclined semi-cylindrical slope.

World-class athletes such as Sean White and Chloe Kim (above) have won Olympic gold medals.

Korea is far from the world’s top in this event, but recently, Choi Ga-on (15, Sehwa Girls’ Middle School) in the women’s department won the X Games, a world-class extreme sports event, and Lee Chae-woon conquered the world championships and won the 2026 Milan Cortina d’Ampezzo. Prospects for the Winter Olympics are bright.

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