Lee Chung-yong, who is sad about the 2701 incident, “I wish we could hear each other”

Lee Chung-yong (35, Ulsan) feels sorry for the ‘2701 Incident’, which greatly hurt Korean soccer.

Lee Chung-yong met with a reporter at the Ulsan clubhouse on the 11th and made the premise that “I, who left the national soccer team, do not know the circumstances behind it,” and then “(the Korea Football Association, players, and trainers) let go of each other’s pride and talk. I think it would have been a little better if I had heard it.”

Lee Cheong-yong diagnoses that this incident, which poured cold water on the slope of the round of 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, came from an unavoidable reality where national team players across Europe cannot match their eyes.

There are only 4-5 trainers accompanying the national team, but the number of players has increased to 26. Lee Cheong-yong, who recalled the two World Cups in which he played an active role, said, “The time players can receive treatment is about 3 to 4 hours after eating.” difficult. Why are you looking for a personal trainer?”

In fact, players active in Europe are looking for helpers to help them to a wide range beyond personal trainers. Lee Chung-yong said, “The trend is that trainers, cooks, and nutritionists are on the rise.” “It is for players to invest in themselves. Each player’s situation is different, and it is not easy for (the association) to match it.” 안전놀이터

Nonetheless, Lee Chung-yong said that he felt sorry for this situation because he knew the dedication of the national team trainers he had a relationship with in the past. It was also an expression that came from the strong idea of ​​being a ‘football family’ for both the association members and the players. He said, “When I was running, they were so devoted that they treated me even while dozing off. That gratitude is still there,” he emphasized.

Fortunately, the association announced on the 10th through a statement that it would strengthen the medical team by March and at the same time prepare a way to collaborate with personal trainers. Lee Chung-yong said, “Despite the efforts of the association, major changes may not be easy right away. It would be difficult to double the number of trainers than before,” he said.

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