“Lee Jeong-hoo or Kim Ha-seong, who is better?” ML scout’s question… The answer lies in the future

“Who is better, Lee Jung-hoo or Kim Ha-seong?”

Kiwoom’s spring camp, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona, is visited by special Americans almost every day. It is to see Lee Jung-hoo, who is leaving for the major leagues after this season. The San Francisco Giants dispatched scouts every day with the start of spring training.

Later, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox visited the site. These teams even sent two scouts at once. Even with video equipment, Lee Jung-hoo was 카지노사이트enthusiastic about the coverage. In addition, it is presumed that the Arizona Diamondbacks, who use this place as their home stadium for their spring camp, naturally watched Lee Jung-hoo in person.

The reporter covered Kiwoom’s spring camp 4-5 times. Even after that, the scouts seem to show up on the field steadily. Among them, a Boston scout responded to the reporter’s interview, but he did not say anything about Lee Jung-hoo’s evaluation or feelings. He just said he was a “good player.”

Rather, he asked the reporters, “Who is better, Lee Jung-hoo or Kim Ha-seong?” He introduced that he would also visit the Korean WBC team’s camp starting on the 15th at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson.v

When I said “Kim Ha-seong,” this scouter asked the reporters to compare Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Ha-seong. When the answer came that the value of Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jung-hoo would increase in the future at this point, he replied that he thought both Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Ha-seong were good players.

It was not possible to determine if this scout knew the relationship between Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jung-hu. The two of them have been training together every off-season for the past 2-3 years, and it is true that Kim Ha-sung’s settlement in the major leagues has stimulated Lee Jung-hoo’s attempt at the major leagues.

However, the variable is that Lee Jung-hoo has to survive in the outfield, which is a little more difficult than Kim Ha-seong. In preparation for the situation a year later, at this camp, the open stance was changed to a cross stance, and the position of the hands was lowered to the chest, and the batting form was revised extensively. If Lee Jung-hoo passes this stage, he can start catching up with Kim Ha-seong in the major leagues in earnest.

It is difficult for both 28-year-old Kim Ha-seong and 25-year-old Lee Jung-hoo to foresee the future easily. What is clear is that he has enough qualities to succeed in the major leagues. There are many views that it is difficult to easily determine the ceiling between the two. The two of them will eat together for the first time in a long time at the WBC in March and once again prove their competitiveness on the international stage.

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