“Let’s laugh at the end”… A 26-year-old military outfielder who wants to be labeled as a prospect, dreams of a next-generation leadoff at kt

“I want to laugh until the end.”

Hong Hyun-bin (26), outfielder of kt Wiz, stepped onto the professional stage in 2017 after being nominated by kt in the 2nd and 3rd round. In 166 appearances in his professional career, he had a career batting average of 0.185 with 23 hits, 1 RBI and 24 runs scored.

He appeared in 61 games in the 2022 season. He had a batting average of . 237 and he had 18 hits. His main role was as a great defensive or large runner. He has not received many opportunities yet, but many kt fans see him with quick feet and excellent defensive skills, even calling him ‘kt’s next-generation leadoff’.

Hong Hyun-bin, who recently met with MK Sports, said, “Honestly, I’ve heard a lot of stories like that, but I haven’t achieved that kind of result yet. I have to work harder.”

Although it is a poor record compared to the토토사이트 main players, the 2022 season was a meaningful season in its own way for Hong Hyun-bin. It was the season in which he played in the most games and scored the most hits since his professional debut.

Hong Hyun-bin said, “Of course, it would be a lie if I said there were no regrets. However, there were parts that I was satisfied with, and it was a decent season. He saw hope. The unfortunate part is the clutch ability, and the satisfying part is that he hit the most hits after his debut.”

Hong Hyun-bin, who also solved the military problem, entered his late 20s. He’s not that young. He knows he has to change, and he wonders what his new self will look like.

Hong Hyun-bin also said, “I didn’t know what to do in my early 20s. Now that he’s adapted himself, he knows he can make it to the first team at best. He is trying to grow,” he said.

He continued, “In the 2023 season, of course, my goal is to become the main player. However, there are still many shortcomings. That’s why I think the coach will appoint them to the big defense or the big runners, but for me, every year is an opportunity. I want to show a lot of changes before I turn 30. Then, wouldn’t it be possible to take the lead-off spot?”

Kim Ki-tae, head coach of the kt Futuresteam, nominated Hong Hyunbin as the captain to lead the kt Futuresteam for a year.

Hong Hyun-bin said, “Because he has become a captain, he is trying to avoid acting as much as possible. Head coach Seo Yong-bin always said, ‘You have to lead by example,’ so I think I’m being brainwashed by that.” After laughing, he said, “Even if I don’t have a perfect attitude to lead by example, I’m trying to show that I can lead the kids.”

Hong Hyun-bin continued, “There are many juniors under me. I will become an argument that juniors can talk about their worries comfortably. I will do my best to become a captain who helps out when there are difficulties and leads my juniors.”

Lastly, Hong Hyun-bin said, “I still haven’t lived up to the fans’ expectations. I want to raise expectations by showing Altoran’s performance. He wants to become a reliable and stable player,” he said. “My goal this year is to stay in the first team. I will make you laugh till the end. getting older now You can’t be promising every year. I will try harder.”

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