LG Jung Woo-young, who has adapted to the official ball, “I am confident in the ground ball at the WBC”

There is a player who can’t disagree with the numbers. LG’s sidearm pitcher Jung Woo-young.

When narrowed down to pitchers who threw 50 or more innings, who can be seen as having played full-time throughout the starter and bullpen, Jung Woo-young was the overwhelming No. 1 last year in ‘ground ball/floating ball ratio’.

While catching 100 outcounts with ground balls, 22 fly balls. The ‘groundball/floating ball ratio’ reaches a whopping 4.55.

Koh Young-pyo, who has a similar pitching type and is also called a ground ball induction pitcher, is second, with a numerical difference of 1.86. Koh Young-pyo’s numbers alone are called the league’s best ground ball judo pitcher.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol of the WBC team said at the press conference for the entry announcement that ‘the opponent in the first round’ had many big swing hitters and the ‘Tokyo Dome’, where there was a high risk of a fly ball leading to a home run, because of the nature of the ‘floating ball pitcher’ rather than a ‘ground ball inducer’. He explained that he preferred his older brother’s pitcher.

Four years after his debut, Jung Woo-young, who won the hold king last year, was selected for the first time in his life. For Jung Woo-young, it was inevitable that he would be different from the WBC team.

He is waiting for the time to prove his achievements on the international stage, recalling the memory of the 2009 WBC runner-up who grew up watching Lim Chang-yong’s ‘Snake Fastball’.

Despite the characteristics of the WBC official ball, which does not stand out more than the KBO league, Jung Woo-young expressed his confidence in catching world-class hitters with a ground ball, saying that there is no problem with the power of the main weapon, the two-seam fastball.

The following is a Q&A with Jung Woo-young, who was training in Korea.

Q. This is the first national team selection in his life.

He was looking forward to it, so it actually felt good. He is honored to be able to face world-class hitters. In the meantime, he wanted to go to the national team, but he couldn’t and he only watched it on TV. He was frankly envious. It is true that such a failure was a motivator.

Q. They say that he is more special because he is the WBC national team.

He did the WBC in 2009 when he was 10 years old and he pretty much watched it all. It was because of senior Lim Chang-yong. He threw so well at the time, and I respected him a lot with the same sidearm. He seems to have watched it with admiration rather than help. It was really cool to see him overwhelm with pitches.

Q. Can you imagine starting the WBC?

If you let me out, I will do my best to throw it. For now, he only thinks of Australia and Japan. When I go out, I think I will only think about catching the hitter in front of me. Rather than being conscious of other eyes, I will do my best in the game. 토토사이트

Q. You are the KBO’s best ground ball induction pitcher. Isn’t he what the national team needs right now?

He’s confident he can hit a lot of grounders. He’s got to do power analysis, and he’ll have to face it in the game, but he’s always on his own. He throws a lot of ground balls and hits a lot because his throwing tendency itself is that the ball falls.

Q. The WBC official ball you were given while playing catch was worn out a lot.

When I first got it, it was slippery, and the stitches seemed to be thicker than Korean balls, but I’m getting used to it better than I thought. Its characteristic is that the spacing between stitches is narrower than that of Korean balls. I think the movement will get better. The ball is also slippery and seems to eat a lot of rotation.

Q. It’s a style that throws stitches on.

I actually like it when the seams stick out, but there are a few things that are not constant in Korea. However, the WBC official ball tends to have a lot of stitches in it, but after throwing it, I got used to it now. Depending on how you hold the stitches, the ball will fall and bend differently.

Q. In fact, there were many stolen bases. They say there are off-season changes.

Rather than changing a lot, I am practicing short pitching and exercising my strength in a short time. Nothing much has changed. As you all have said, it is right for players to change. When I look at my future, it’s right to revise, and I’m preparing.

Q. As many as 6 people from LG are going to the national team.

When the national team entry was announced, Hyeonsu-hyung contacted me first. congratulations When I saw that 6 people were leaving, I thought that our team had become stronger. For four years after joining, I went to fall baseball every time and lived happily. I haven’t been able to throw it on the Korean Series stage yet, but it has been a great help to me as well.

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