Liverpool and Chelsea also pay attention to Bayern… Ripple effects of Hojbjerg remaining

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s decision to stay on the final day of the transfer window had an impact on several clubs.

Tottenham was at the center of a series of midfielder transfers on the 2nd (Korean time), the deadline for the transfer market in major European leagues. We were busy keeping midfield changes in mind. There was a possibility that Hojbjerg, who was pushed out of the competition for the starting role in the early days of coach Angie Postekoglou’s regime, would transfer. Atletico Madrid and Fulham showed interest. Tottenham prepared to recruit Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher in case Hojbjerg leaves.안전놀이터

However, in the end, Hojbjerg’s transfer did not materialize. Atlético proposed a loan transfer, but Tottenham declined as there was no transfer option. Tottenham gave the OK sign to Fulham’s complete transfer offer, but Hojbjerg did not accept it. Tottenham also canceled their attempt to recruit Gallagher as Hojbjerg did not leave until the transfer window closed.

Fulham’s failure to recruit Hojbjerg led to Bayern Munich’s failure to strengthen its midfield. Bayern, who were looking for a defensive midfielder this summer, chose Fulham’s Portugal international Joao Palinha as their final candidate and pursued his recruitment. The transfer came close to being completed as an agreement was reached with Fulham and Palinha. Palinha went to Munich, underwent a medical test, and even had a photo taken with his uniform.

However, Fulham, who failed to recruit a replacement Hojbjerg, changed their mind and decided not to sell him. Meanwhile, the deadline for the German Bundesliga transfer market, which was six hours earlier than the English Premier League (EPL), passed. In the end, Bayern ended the transfer window without any midfield reinforcements, and Palinha returned to London with a bitter heart.

Liverpool also watched the series of events carefully from behind. Liverpool was in the process of signing Bayern midfielder Ryan Gravenberg as its fourth midfield reinforcement this summer. There was speculation in some quarters that Bayern’s sale of Gravenberg depended on whether or not to recruit a defensive midfielder, which made Liverpool fans nervous. Even if Bayern thought it was a separate deal, they could have changed their minds like Fulham did.

Although Bayern’s recruitment of Palinha fell through, it did not have any impact on Liverpool’s final recruitment of Hrabenberg. Bayern sent Hrabenberg, who was classified as out of range anyway, to Liverpool as scheduled. Liverpool announced the signing of Gravenberg ahead of the transfer window closing.

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