‘London Olympic Bronze Medal Lead’ Park Jong-woo, re-contract with Busan… accompany the 2023 season

Busan I-Park announced that they had signed a new contract with midfielder Park Jong-woo.

Park Jong-woo joined Busan I-Park as the first pick in the 2010 draft and began his professional career. He was selected for the London 2012 Olympic team and contributed a lot to winning the bronze medal. He was also selected for the national team for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Park Jong-woo, who played an active role in Busan until the 2013 season, moved to Guangzhou Puri in 2014 and gained experience in overseas leagues at Al Jazeera and Emirates Club.

Returning to Busan I’Park in 2019, he shared the joys and sorrows of the team’s promotion and relegation. In the 2022 season, the team led the team by playing the role of a captain who encouraged and supported the players even in difficult situations. 토토사이트

‘Veteran’ Park Jong-woo, who participated in 196 K-League games and recorded 10 goals and 25 assists, is a player who plays an important role in leading the flow of the game, showing accurate and strong kicking power. Based on his rich experience, it is expected that he will serve as a bridge to hold the center of the team.

Park Jong-woo said, “The reason I am here again is because Busan is so deeply in my heart. Personally, I was able to decide to renew the contract because I wanted to spend my last days with Busan. Many fans also sent me a lot of messages, and it was a time when I could feel, “I am receiving a lot of love, I need to work harder, I definitely have work to do in this team.” He continued, “I will do my best in my position in the 2023 season, and as a senior player who knows the traditions of Busan, I will work hard and think hard so that 2023 can be a year in which I can play appropriately and set an example.” expressed his determination ahead of the

Meanwhile, Busan will start winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, until February 2nd (Thursday). Afterwards, he returns to Busan and continues training at the clubhouse.

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