Long live the old man!… Leading Ginseng Corporation 5 consecutive victories!

Ginseng Corporation, the leading professional basketball team, has won 5 consecutive victories with the strength of two veterans, 36-year-old Oh Se-geun and 39-year-old Yang Hee-jong.

This is reporter Moon Young-gyu’s report.


Oh Se-geun grabs an offensive rebound and even makes a surprise five-point shot.

He cupped and took to the court at the age of 36, but showed off his sophisticated shooting sense, both inside and outside.

After grabbing 3,000 career rebounds, he celebrated the record with a spectacular fade away shot.

39-year-old Yang Hee-jong also forgot his스포츠토토 age on the court.

He showed the strength of a veteran, not to mention a quick and bold breakthrough under the goal that rivals younger players, as well as a long-distance three-point shot.

In today’s game, the two veterans ranked 1st and 2nd among domestic players on the team, scoring 21 points together, serving as models for juniors.

Under the strong support of veterans, foreign player Spellman also dominated the court.

Spellman led Ginseng Corp. to victory with 40 points, including 7 three-point shots and 5 dunks.

Ginseng Corporation, which had 5 consecutive victories, further solidified its lead by beating 2nd place LG by 3 and a half games.

This is KBS News Moon Yeong-gyu.

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