‘Looks like a chicken house?’… France leaks new emblem to be used at Euro 2024

The French national soccer team’s new emblem at Euro 2024 has been leaked.

On the 29th (Korean time), ‘Footy Headlines’, a media specializing in uniforms, said that the uniform supplier will update the French logo for Euro 2024. The change only affects the color of the logo, but the change is significant.”

“The new logo has a color change that drastically changes its appearance. The current navy and white colors will change.”안전놀이터

The new logo conveyed by the media added yellow and red lights to the existing emblem, ‘rooster’. The French national team had been using the original logo since 2019.

However, ahead of the new competition, the emblem added colors. It was judged that the color of the existing emblem was somewhat plain. However, the reaction of the fans is unusual.Overseas fans who encountered this showed negative reactions such as ‘what is this’, ‘changing nationality’, ‘would you like to have a third star?’, and ‘what the hell is green’. Domestic fans also left similar opinions, such as ‘It looks like a chicken house

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