Lower-than-expected down payment? Shim Jun-seok doesn’t care… “I will step on the big league mound as soon as possible”

“Money is not important, I really want to go to America,”

Shim Jun-seok said resolutely in an interview two years ago in the winter. Now, two years later, Shim Jun-seok (19, Pittsburgh Pirates) has achieved his dream. He officially started his American career by joining Pittsburgh.

On the 27th (Korean time), Shim Jun-seok visited PNC Park, Pennsylvania, USA, home of Pittsburgh, Major League Baseball (MLB), received a uniform number 49, and signed a contract. He climbed the mound at PNC Park and took a commemorative photo with his arms outstretched. The Pittsburgh homepage introduced the news of Shim Jun-seok’s visit to PNC Park on the main screen.

In fact, the reality is that there is a mixture of expectations and concerns about Shim Jun-seok. First of all, the biggest concern is that the size of the down payment is too low than expected. On the American stage, money is opportunity. Their rule is that the more money you get, the more opportunities you have. Shim Jun-seok’s contract amount (750,000 dollars, about 920 million won), known by local media reports, fell below expectations. There is also the risk of injury here. After the last appearance of the last Presidential Cup season, he was also out for the season due to a toe injury. 카지노사이트

Fortunately, the Pittsburgh club’s expectations and internal evaluation itself are not too bad. Pittsburgh player manager Max Kwan said, “The scout first saw the pitching video on YouTube and shared it with the club’s scouting team. Over the next two years, he watched every game Shim Jun-seok pitched.”

Regarding Shim Jun-seok’s current skills, the evaluation within the club is not low. Junior Vizcaino International Scouting Director said, “Shim Jun-seok’s fastball has good rotational power, so it can give the illusion of soaring.” “Changeup and splitter are also good, so there is potential for improvement.”

After the ceremony, Shim Jun-seok plans to compete fiercely in the minor leagues. According to MLB.com, he plans to move to Bradenton, Florida, USA after training at a camp in the Dominican Republic where the club’s prospects are located. After that he will likely play in the Florida Complex League, a minor league rookie league.

In an interview with MLB.com, Shim Jun-seok said, “I am very happy to visit this place. He also dismissed such concerns, saying, “Money can be earned by going up to the major leagues. The treatment is satisfactory enough.” He said he was “ok” with his injuries.

Shim Jun-seok led the team to victory at the 2020 association long-term final and has been evaluated as a super high school level prospect. He was rated as a super high school level pitcher beyond Han Ki-joo, with a height of over 190cm, a tremendous fastball that averaged close to 150km/h, and a soft pitching form. However, in addition to the aftermath of his injuries, such as an elbow in 2021 and a big toe in 2022, his control ability was greatly shaken and his evaluation was somewhat lowered.

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