Master-wook Master-wook 3×3 Basketball Team, who took on the challenge of the first international competition ‘dropped out of the preliminary round’, had a valuable experience in Mongolia

Master-wook 3×3 Basketball Team (hereinafter referred to as Master-wook) had a valuable experience by participating in its first international competition after its establishment.

On the 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, FIBA ​​3×3 Ulaanbaatar Super Quest 2023 (hereinafter referred to as Ulaanbaatar Super Quest) Master Wook, who played the last game of Group D qualifying, failed to stop Japan Saitama’s outside shot and lost 21-17. With a loss, the entire schedule of this tournament was completed.

Master-Wook Master, who founded a 3×3 men’s team with CEO Kim Ki-wook at the beginning of this year and declared participation in the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour league division, foreshadowed ambitious moves such as challenging the 3×3 international stage for the first time through the Ulaanbaatar Super Quest.

In FIBA ​​3×3, which is divided into a total of 10 levels, Super Quest is the highest level 8 competition after World Tour (Level 10) and Challenger (Level 9) among the FIBA ​​3×3 competition levels.

Mongolia, the host country, sent 6 teams, and a total of 12 teams from Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia participated, so it was practically close to a ‘small Asian Cup’.

Master Wook, who received the 11th seed in this Super Quest and was placed in Group D, participated under the team name ‘Seongnam’ due to the nature of the city-based competition, where he must participate in the name of his city. ) and Japan’s Saitama (6th seed) in a group and competed for a ticket to the quarterfinals given to the second place in the group. 1 in the FIBA ​​3×3 Korea ranking, Kim Jeong-nyeon, is Master-wook, a group of 3×3 players who are said to be long in Korea, but the level difference on the world stage is large.

In terms of objective strength, it was expected that it would be difficult to win against Putian, who were ranked 6th in the FIBA ​​player rankings, Tibot Verburt (Belgium) and 8th ranked Dimeo Vander Horst (Netherlands). Saitama, made up of players from the Japan 3×3 national team, including Japan’s top 3×3 star Tomoya Ochiai, was also considered a worthy opponent, although it was a team that could not be considered a one-win sacrifice.

As expected, they lost 15-21 against their first opponent, Putian, and Master Wook focused all his attention on Saitama. It was a very disappointing game. After opening the lid, there was nothing left behind in terms of objective power or physical condition, but Master-Wook Master-wook revealed loopholes in the outer defense after the middle of the game, which became the reason for his elimination from the preliminary round.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the game was good. Master-wook took a 9-4 lead with Kim Jeong-nyeon’s performance inside and outside.

However, after the middle, Master Wook was distracted by Saitama’s outer gun. Master Wook caused his first crisis by allowing Ryo Ozawa and Ochiai to fire consecutively. Afterwards, Kim Jeong-nyeon scored and succeeded in reversing to 15-13, but Master-wook’s atmosphere did not last long.

He was unable to overcome Ozawa’s spirited shot. Master-Wook Master, who had lost his stamina, allowed Ozawa to shoot 2 points in a row, giving up a gap from the outside, and then scored consecutive points to Petar Sukkur, and was driven into the corner with a score of 19-17. Wanting to turn the game around somehow, Master Wook squeezed the last of his strength through Kim Jeong-nyeon’s one-on-one individual skill, a sure offensive option, but 12 seconds before the end, he gave Ozawa another 2-point shot and lost 21-17. 메이저놀이터

It is safe to say that the two-point shot was the difference between winning and losing. Master Wook allowed Saitama a whopping 9 2-pointers. On the other hand, only two 2-point shots were made by Master Wook. The attack burden on ace Kim Jeong-nyeon (12 points, 2 2-pointers) was too great.

Master-wook’s first 3×3 international competition journey ended after just two games, but captain Lee Dong-yoon, Choi Joo-young, Kim Jeong-nyeon, and Yun Seong-soo, as the center, did their best until the end. I bumped into and gained valuable experience.

In addition, while there has been no news of domestic 3×3 teams challenging the world stage for the past few years since Skyfall Inje, Master-Wook Master’s challenge to participate in this competition at the expense of his own money has great implications for Korean 3×3, which remains at a standstill. Through this competition,

players’ points and national rankings can be expected to rise.

don’t Master-Wook Master, who planted good awareness among Asian 3×3 officials in Mongolia and China through this competition, was also invited to the 3×3 competition to be held in Nanjing, China in early June.

Meanwhile, in this tournament, Japan’s Utsunomiya (4th seed) rose to the top with a 5-game winning streak. Utsunomiya met Putian in the final and defeated them 21-18 after a close match. Utsunomiya, the winner of this tournament, and Putian, the runner-up, will be given the right to participate in the Manila World Tour, which will be held in Manila, Philippines from May 20 to 21.

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