Miami trying to sell shooter

It is known that the Miami Heat (hereafter referred to as Miami) is struggling to secure the trade of Duncan Robinson (28).

On the afternoon of the 17th (hereinafter Korean time), reporter Sean Bedeny of Media Heavy reported that Miami is trying to sell Robinson, citing the words of an Eastern Conference executive, saying, “The $20 million wing is the Miami Heat’s best trading asset.”

Previously, Robinson had a great season for Miami in 2019-20 with an average of 13 points and a 44.6 percent 3-point percentage (3.7 completed). In addition, Robinson contributed greatly to bringing Miami to the stage of the NBA Finals that season.

Following this, Robinson recognized his value as a shooter with 40.8% of 3-point shots (3.5 successes) while participating in all games in the 20-21 season. Accordingly, Miami handed Robinson, who was born in the undraft, a large contract that guaranteed $80 million (approximately KRW 98.9 billion) out of five years and $90 million (approximately KRW 111.3 billion). 카지노사이트

However, Robinson revealed weaknesses in the defense in the 21-22 season, and his playing time was reduced. In addition, he recorded a field goal success rate of 39.9% (9.2 attempts) while putting his long-term three-point success rate at 37.2% (2.9 attempts). As a result, Robinson was completely excluded from the Miami rotation, and he tasted the humiliation of barely playing while the team advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Above all, Robinson recorded a career-low record this season, rather than improving his 3-point success rate of 33.1% (1.6 attempts) and field shooting success rate of 36.8% (6.2 attempts). Robinson has been out of the lineup for at least four weeks after undergoing finger surgery on the 5th.

Currently, Miami has a number of players in Robinson’s place, including Max Struss, Victor Oladipo, Caleb Martin and Tyler Hiro. In particular, although Struss is a non-guaranteed contract, he was selected as the team’s main wing. Also, Martin and Oladipo are not going to be released by the team, and Hiro signed a huge contract extension this offseason.

Therefore, Miami wants to reinforce the team power by first trading Robinson, who has a guaranteed contract until the 24-25 season. But Robinson’s trade doesn’t seem to go smoothly, as does the Los Angeles Lakers’ Russell Westbrook.

Meanwhile, Miami ranked 7th in the Eastern Conference with 24 wins and 21 losses. Contrary to expectations before the season, this is a figure that means that Miami is sluggish.

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