Mickelson avoids penalty, saying there is no one-ball rule in the PGA

Phil Mickelson (USA) avoided a penalty stroke after using a different ball during the game at the PGA Championship, a major men’s golf tournament.

In the second round of the tournament held at Oak Hill Country Club (par 70) in Rochester, New York, USA on the 20th (Korean time), Mickelson tied two birdies, two bogeys, and one double bogey to hit a 2-over-par 72, ranking 61st in the interim total. (5 over par, 145 strokes) and caught the cut line.

Mickelson, who moved to Live Golf last year, is famous for his history of trying various golf equipment. At the 2006 Masters, he won with two drivers, one for the fade and the other for the draw. At the U.S. Open at Winged Foot that year, he built a little-known 64-degree wedge, but missed out on winning.

At the 2021 PGA Championship, he won with a driver with a shaft length of 47.9 inches and spewing long hits. In the 2013 Open Open, he took out the driver entirely to match the links course and won with two woods.

But this time, the fact that he used a different ball during the game was brought back to the attention of discerning viewers. ‘Mickelson Tracker’ pointed out on Twitter that ‘Phil used different balls during the first day’s game. Then Mickelson replied, ‘There is no one-ball rule in the PGA.’카지노사이트

The United States Golf Association (USGA) defines the one-ball rule as follows: One-Ball is an optional condition that the Committee may choose to use. If this rule goes into effect, it must be of the same brand, make, and model as the golf ball that started the round. This means that if you start a game with a Titleist Pro V1, you must play the Titleist Pro V1 for the remainder of the round and cannot switch to a different brand or model of Titleist golf ball.

The word ‘optional’ is ambiguous here. This is technically a model local rule (MLR G-4), similar to the USGA’s golf ball rollback. The PGA Tour also uses this MLR rule and the USGA also applies it to the tournament, but it is known that this tournament has no restrictions related to the tournament hosted by PGA America.

Callaway Triple Tracks are known for being softer on short holes and better for spin response, while the other ball is better for long holes. Mickelson is smart and seasoned with 45 wins on the PGA Tour, but the age of 53 seems to be inevitable.

As a result of the last two days, the penalty was avoided, and the score was cut. Even if the ball is used alternately on the remaining two days, it is unknown whether it will participate in the championship competition.

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