Middleweight Champ Adesanya Says Ferreira Will Ruin His Raheweight Debut in July

Returning UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has experience fighting both former middleweight champion Pereira and former light heavyweight champion Jan Vlakovic, who moved up to light heavyweight after losing to him.

He fought against Pereira 4 times and won once, but after 3 consecutive losses, he won the final match and became the final winner.

Blakovic was the nemesis who gave the UFC his first defeat. He was repeatedly hit by Yan’s takedowns, and was crushed to the floor three times.

It was Adesanya who rose to the top dog position while challenging the light heavyweight division as a middleweight, but he knelt down as he felt the limits of strength and volume.

Adesanya, who knows the two better than anyone else, posted a prediction on social media, so the reliability is quite high, but it seems that there is a bit of a mixture of feelings.

There was also a complete defeat three times, but I think it was a natural reaction because Pereira ignored Adesanya considerably in the process and was in a bad mood.

Adesanya eventually won against Pereira, but was unable to get revenge on Jan Vlakovic.

It was a game that was completely defeated unlike Adesanya, suffering from Yan’s ground attack, and he did not comment at all after that.

However, it is unclear whether Adesanya’s wishes will be fulfilled. Ferreira had been struggling to lose weight even before the fourth match with Adesanya and was planning a month long.카지노사이트

Former light heavyweight champion Teixeira, who is teaching Ferreira, recommended a weight class increase, saying ‘Pereira is competitive enough in the light heavyweight division’.

Pereira, like Adesanya, can be beaten by Yan’s wrestling. Yan still boasts his strength, but he is a 40-year-old old man, so it is questionable how much he will be able to display his strength.

Pereira said, “I met a good first opponent. Jan is a dangerous veteran, but he lost the title to my training coach, Teixeira. We have a secret to defeat him.”

Before Pereira’s light heavyweight debut, UFC 291 on July 30. The war of nerves between Adesanya and Pereira, which are strangely intertwined, seems to continue for a while in the future, even though it seems that there will be no more meeting due to the change in weight class.

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