“More than 20 wins, direct promotion” ‘Goal’ revealed by coach Seong Han-soo, Kim Cheon

Seong Han-soo (47), manager Kim Cheon’s goal is direct promotion.

Seong Han-soo, manager of the professional soccer team Kim Cheon-sangmu, held a press conference for the battery training media camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 9th at 6:00 pm ahead of the opening of the 2023 season.

Seong Han-soo, head coach, said, “In the first round, we conducted battery training in Changwon. Shortly after the rookies joined, we focused on improving our stamina. In the second round of battery training, we are preparing for the actual match. A lot of good players came in. Well done. I will try to combine them to achieve good results.”

Coach Sung said, “Until last season, coach Kim Tae-wan personally ordered a lot of players to bring out the skills they had alone. This is also an important point, but I am ordering them to become a team,” focusing on team play. said there is

Prior to the opening of the season토토사이트, Kim Chun Sangmu joined national team players such as Kim Jin-gyu, Won Doo-jae, and Cho Young-wook. In response, coach Seong said, “There are many players with excellent individual skills. When I played practice games, there were many scoring situations. I will do it,” he said. 

As representative players joined, it is naturally evaluated that Kim Chun Sang-mu is the strongest among the K-League 2 teams. In response, coach Seong Han-soo said, “I won’t deny it. But no matter how good a member is, it depends on the composition and management. The role of coach is great. I will work with the coaching staff to make a good team.”

Kim Cheon’s composition of players is excellent, but whenever it is time for the main players to be discharged, there are many concerns. Coach Seong said, “As you said, due to the nature of the team, at the beginning of the season, Lee Young-jae and Kwon Chang-hoon are discharged in June. Also, there is a period when the last jockeys are discharged in October and there are no results. During this period, you have to manage the players well and have good interviews. It is my role to make an effort to maintain grades until the end,” he emphasized.

Kimcheon is busy digesting the practice game. Coach Seong Han-soo said, “The training was designed so that the new recruits can enjoy it together in the stadium. We operate programs that can be harmonious. At first, it was awkward, but now everyone is joking and training with fun.”

Gimcheon will play away all league games in March. They will face Asan on March 1, Cheongju on March 4, and Busan on March 19. Coach Seong said, “We don’t think it’s different whether it’s away or home. Four jockeys Lee Young-jae and Lee Young-jae told me that they wanted to stay undefeated until the campaign in June. I’m also going to actively help.”

Coach Han-soo Seong was a coach in 2021 when Sangmu Kim was in the K-League 2. At the time, Kim Cheon struggled with poor grades at the beginning of the season. Coach Seong said, “Looking back, there were many injuries to key players, and when new players were put into the game in a hurry, there was a sense of disharmony and creaking. This season, I want to give senior players a chance. I want to see him come back.”

Coach Sung said, “Anyang and Jeonnam were the toughest opponents. In 2021, they were the most sticky teams. They didn’t give up easily. The composition of the players was also made up of sticky players. I want to beat both teams perfectly this year.” also revealed

Next, coach Seong added, “We are preparing for a quick switch between offense and defense. We will create many scoring chances by doing a lot of partial tactical training in the side area.”

When asked about the goal, head coach Seong Han-soo said, “It’s a direct promotion. We need to accumulate as many points as possible. Our goal is to win 20 or more.”

Due to the nature of the team, Kim Cheon-sang-moo, during the season, players with potential for development come out, or players who have been sluggish suddenly rise. When asked about the players he is keeping an eye on, coach Seong Han-soo said, “There are so many. There are many players that I look forward to. In my eyes, there are so many players I like. It’s hard to pick just one.”

Kimcheon has become a team with the best midfield resources in the K League 2. Coach Seong said, “There is Lee Young-jae, and there are many midfielders such as Kim Jin-gyu and Won Doo-jae. Not all players can play in the game. I told them, I think that a player who can help the team should participate after discussing with the coaching staff even before playing in the game.”

Director Seong also talked about Kwon Chang-hoon’s injury. He said, “I can’t participate in the training I’ve seen right now. I’ve even gone through individual speed training. I don’t think I’ll be able to participate until April.”

Unlike the past, the Sangmu team is quickly becoming a team that young players pick up. Coach Seong announced the changed atmosphere, saying, “I am relaxed in using 22-year-old resources. The team has become more lively because of the younger players. The training atmosphere has become brighter than before.”

Coach Seong added, “Sangmu Kim Cheon can be a place of opportunity for young players. Even if you lack a career, it will be a good opportunity to develop your skills through the time of 1 year and 6 months.”

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