[NBA] 3-point success rate is over 50%, don’t go to the game?

Former basketball player Chandler Parsons (hereafter Parsons) is causing controversy for remarks made on the radio toward Utah Watanabe (hereinafter referred to as Watanabe).

The retired Parsons told the story of Watanabe to The Athletic reporter Shams and the Brooklyn Nets on an NBA talk show. “You can’t put Watanabe in a three-point contest. He’ll collapse under the pressure,” Parsons said. 

In February, the All-Star Game will be held for three days at Vivint Smart Home Arena in Utah. On Day 2 of the All-Star Game, a three-point contest will be held. One might question that for Watanabeigi, who is shooting 51.9 percent from 3-pointers and putting in 1.4 per game. 토토사이트

Watanabe has never been without fierce competition in his NBA career. After finishing George Washington University, he went to the draft, but in the end, he was not drafted and entered the Memphis Grizzlies (hereinafter referred to as Memphis) through the G League competition. When Watanabe didn’t show much activity after joining, he got a chance again after being released and joined the Toronto Raptors. Watanabe was given more playing time than he did in Memphis, but he felt the NBA wall and was released once again.

However, Watanabe did not give up and continued his NBA dream, and was registered as an official player through the Brooklyn Nets camp ahead of this season. Brooklyn’s eyes weren’t wrong. Watanabe is playing his best all season. Compared to his previous seasons, the playing time also increased by 8 minutes, the average score by 5 points, and the 3-point success rate increased by a whopping 20%. 

The statement that Watanabe collapsed under pressure after going to an event match could lower the player’s confidence. I hope Watanabe, who is the only Asian player in the NBA, will lightly ignore this remark. I want to see more Asians play an active role in the NBA by setting a good precedent for playing as they are now.

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