NH Nonghyup Card lucked out by TS Kim Jong-won’s ‘sweep’… Confirmed to advance to Blue One Resort PS!

The game is really heartless. 

On the 14th, in the match on the 7th day of the 6th round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-23’ held in Sono Calm Goyang, TS Shampoo Pura Chicken turned the NH Nonghyup Card to a set score of 4-3. 

Prior to the previous day, NH Nonghyup Card was tied for second place with SK Rent-a-Car and Blue One Resort, and was fighting for ranking. However, SK Rent-A-Car was defeated by Welcome Savings Bank and was frustrated in advancing into the postseason early. 

What remains is a battle of pride between Blue One Resort and NH Nonghyup Card. NH Nonghyup Card defeated Huons 4-1 the previous day and tried to advance to the postseason by aiming for a streak on this day. However, after a bloody battle with TS Shampoo Puradak, he was frustrated.

Therefore, the remaining postseason advances were automatically taken by Blue One Resort. TS Shampoo Puradak has already confirmed its advance to the postseason by finishing second in the first season.  카지노사이트

Cho Jae-ho, who was determined to advance to the postseason, showed a ‘fantastic run’ with 10 high runs in 1 inning. Kim Nam-soo and Kim Im-kwon, as well as Kim Hyun-woo, who were on the same team, ended without even hearing a cue. Even the last-minute turnaround attack was neatly pushed in, ending the first set 11-0 in an instant. 

Then, Kim Bo-mi, who came out with Kim Min-a, took over the momentum and showed consecutive goals. After 6 innings, Lee Mi-rae started a fierce pursuit with 5 high runs including consecutive bank shots. However, at the end, Kim Min-ah did not miss the victory with a cool bank shot. 

Kim Im-kwon sprinted with 7 points in a row. Maminkam also followed with 3 consecutive runs in 4 innings and 5 high runs in 6 innings. But there was no overtaking. Kim Im-kwon brought the 3rd set, and Kim Jong-won and Lee Mi-rae, who started a mixed match, took the 4th set to 9-6, making the set score 2-2. 

The fate of the team was at the tip of Jo Jae-ho’s hand. Cho Jae-ho fell behind in the confrontation with Park Jung-geun, and then made a dramatic 8-8 tie, followed by a bank shot to 10-8, a sweaty overtaking play. The game ended 11-8 after 7 innings. 

However, Hyunji Yong counterattacked with a score of 9-5 in the 6th set. Kim Jong-won confronted him. Kim Jong-won took the game with a bank shot after 10 innings after a tight battle. 

Therefore, the right to advance to the postseason was automatically taken by Blue One Resort. 

After a while, from 8:00 pm, the final match of the regular season between Blue One Resort and Welcome Savings Bank will take place. 

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