Noh Jin-hyeok, ‘The defense is soft and the blow has momentum to pierce the sky’ 2023 Lotte Spring Camp

 Roh Jin-hyeok (four years, 5 billion won) 토토사이트, who moved to Lotte along with Yoo Kang-nam and Han Hyun-hee, had a spring camp training with Lotte players in Guam.

He joined NC in 2012 and lived with the same club for 10 years, so the new team might be awkward, but he melted into training without any nervousness.

With his unique serious and calm expression, he gently caught and threw the batted ball during the Fungo training, and his batting training swing aroused admiration from everyone.

The image of Noh Jin-hyeok adapting to Lotte was captured in a video. 2022.02.03 

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