Only Iksubol’s soccer is attractive? Even the meticulousness down to ‘Immature’

“Do you have any questions for other prospects?”

 Professional football K League 1 FC Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo took care of even the players who received less attention, showing meticulousness like “Ik-Beoji (Ik-Soo + Father)”.

 Seoul left for Kagoshima, Japan on the 6th for the second battery training in preparation for the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’. If the body was built in Thailand for the first time, detailed parts such as tactics and strategies are refined in Japan.

 There was good news before leaving for the second 토토사이트have any questions for the prospects other than Uijo, (Ki) Seong-yong, (Na) Sang-ho, and Os (Mar)?” It meant that I wanted to introduce them to the team because there are many players on the team who deserve attention by sweating together throughout the winter, not just famous players.

 When asked again to pick a notable prospect, he said, “Players with the Seoul emblem on their left chest want to create a story with us. We expect to play a big role in creating good synergy with us.”

 It is not a one-time thing. An official from Seoul said through Sports World on the 7th, “The coach wants other players besides those who receive a lot of attention from the so-called media to be exposed. The reason for distributing an interview with Lee Si-young during the first training camp in Thailand separately,” he said. Asking the prospect if he has any questions to the media openly at the airport is a question worthy of a director,” he said.

 Seoul’s performance is not as good as in previous years, but interest is still there. The number of fans visiting the site is always at the top. Of course, there are many star players. In the K-League, where most of the counterattacks are made after the player’s fee, coach Ahn’s unique tactics are also receiving favorable reviews. Being a member of such a team is a source of pride for the players, but it can also be a factor that makes them feel intimidated. Like coach Ahn, who always emphasized ‘one team’, he pays attention to even the smallest details so that all players can be confident and loved.

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