Park Hee-yong wins the 2023 Ice Climbing World Cup lead… Lee Sook-hee is the number 1 in speed

 Korea’s Park Hee-yong and Lee Sook-hee won the 2023 Cheongsong Climbing World Cup and Asian Championships.

Park Hee-yong took first place with a time of 14.290 in the men’s lead final held at the Ice Climbing World Cup Stadium in Cheongsong, North Gyeongsang Province on the 15th. She was also runner-up to South Korea’s Young-Hye Kwon (11.240).

Launa Radvant (France), world No. 1 in the male lead, was only fifth with a score of 9.191.

Female lead Shin Woon-seon also scored 14.330 points in the finals, ranking second after Kingler Petra (Switzerland, 15.330 points). 토토사이트

In women’s speed, Lee Sook-hee defeated Aneta Ruzeka (Czech Republic) in the final to win.

Son Joong-ho, president of the Korea Mountaineering Federation, said, “I am delighted that Korean athletes have recorded a good record at the Cheongsong Ice Climbing World Cup, which will be held for the first time in three years.” .

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