Park In-bi became a mother.. The first daughter was born naturally

 Park In-bi ( Picture 34) gave birth to her first daughter through natural childbirth on the 21st.

Inbi Park wrote on her Instagram that day, “I gave birth to a healthy daughter. I and my child are healthy ^^ So many people are curious and congratulate me. Thank you so so much. Please understand that I couldn’t contact each and every one of you to greet you! !” and posted, “The two of them arrived at the hospital and became three in 24 hours. We will continue to live happily ever after!” Major U.S. golf media, including Golf World, covered the news of Park In-bee’s birth with great importance. 먹튀검증

Inbi Park is currently on hiatus from her tour. The LPGA Tour suspends her tour card for two years after she gives birth. Therefore, Park In-bi can postpone seeding until April 2025. However, it is unclear whether she will continue her career as a child. Even if she returns to the tour, it is not easy for her to compete for championships as she is in her mid-30s, when her body is out of balance due to childbirth, so she is expected to naturally go through the steps of retirement.

Inbee Park, who debuted on the LPGA Tour in 2007, has achieved everything she had to accomplish as a player. Inbi Park, who has won 21 tour careers, including his 7 major victories, won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics and also filled points for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. Inbee Park’s last win was the 2021 KIA Classic.

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