Poor performance, one effective shot… Son Heung-min’s breakthrough ‘only Lunar New Year holiday celebration’

It’s a very cold winter for Son Heung-min. An orbital fracture injury under the weight of the top scorer in the Premier League, and even the team is shaking. The fate of a key player and star player. The taste of the goal is desperately needed in the match against Fulham during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Son Heung-min took off his mask, which was frustrating. I ran all over the ground, but the team’s performance seldom improved. He played full-time against Manchester City, which showed his ‘killer instinct’, but only one effective shot.

Last season, he showed ‘world class’ determination by holding the first Asian golden boots in the top 5 European leagues, but this season he is slowing down. 4 goals in 18 Premier League matches. His explosive goal sense is unique in his hat-trick against Leicester City. 카지노사이트

Locally, rumors of manager Conte’s dismissal and rumors of Son Heung-min’s sluggishness are digging. Tottenham also failed to rebound in the second half and fell to 5th place in the Premier League.

To put all the controversy to rest, there is only one thrilling shot during the Lunar New Year holidays. Tottenham will meet promoted team Fulham at 5 am on the 24th at Kraven Cottage.

Fulham, of course, is not easy. Although it is a promoted team, it caused a sensation and climbed to 6th place in the Premier League. However, Son Heung-min was always strong in crisis. Like the saying ‘challenging every game’, attention is focusing on whether he can save the team with a sharp one-shot.

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