Postponed Coronation of ‘Ski Queen’, Shiffrin’s 83 Wins New History Next Opportunity

The creation of history by Michaela Shiffrin (USA), the “Queen of Skiing,” has been postponed to the next opportunity.

Shiffrin took second place in the women’s slalom event at the 2022-2023 FIS Alpine World Cup held in Flahau, Austria on the 10th (local time).

Shiffrin recorded a combined time of 1 minute 52 seconds 38 in the first and second periods, and she lost to Slovakia’s Petra Blocca by 0.43 seconds, so she did not have a chance to win.토토사이트

If Shiffrin had won her victory on this day, she would have been the first female FIS World Cup alpine athlete to reach 83 career victories, but her record was postponed until another opportunity.

Shefrin said she was not in a normal physical condition the day before the match. Despite her deteriorating condition, including vomiting after the game, she displayed her world-class skills with a fighting spirit.

On the 8th, Shiffrin reached the top in the FIS Alpine World Cup women’s giant slalom, winning her 8th win of the season and her 82nd personal World Cup victory. She tied the record for most wins in women’s Alpine, held by retired legend Lindsay Vonn.

If she adds just one more win, she will break the record for the most wins in the women’s division and leave only 5 wins behind the record for the most wins in the men’s division (86 wins). Within this season, the history of world skiing is highly likely to change everything in the name of Shiffrin.

After taking a short break for the time being, Shiffrin will take on another challenge with 83 wins in the Super Grand Tournament to be held in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy on the 20th.

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