‘Reeves’ 25-point performance’ NBA Lakers catch Phoenix and return to 10th place

The Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA), in which Austin Reeves made a big success with 25 points and 11 assists, took over the Phoenix Suns and rose again to 10th place, dreaming of a playoff (PO).

The Lakers defeated Phoenix 122-111 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular league home game held at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California on the 23rd (Korean time).

The Lakers, who became 36-37, beat the Utah Jazz (35-37) and regained the 10th place in the Western Conference.

The 10th place is evaluated as the last line for advancing to the PO, as it can participate in the ‘Play-in Tournament’.

Even on the 11th, the Lakers, who had risen to 9th place and raised expectations of advancing to the PO, recently fell to 11th place and seemed to be pushed out of the fierce competition for the middle ranks in the West.

It seemed that the power had declined after losing both against the Houston Rockets on the 16th and against the Dallas Mavericks on the 18th, but after the PO competitor, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Phoenix was the victim of a streak and the momentum was raised again.

The gap with the Golden State Warriors (38-36), which holds 6th place, which is the ranking that goes directly to the PO without going through the play-in tournament, is only one and a half games, making the win at the end of the season more important.스포츠토토

On the other hand, Phoenix (38-34), 4th in the West, fell into a slump with 2-5 after Kevin Durant left due to an unexpected injury.

Durant, who was expected to join Phoenix through a trade last month and lead the team to the championship, was injured while warming up right before the game against Oklahoma City at home on the 9th.

While warming up while attempting a layup on the court, he suddenly broke his left ankle and was unable to play, and has been absent ever since.

With LeBron James, the team’s flagship, missing, the player who took the lead in the Lakers’ victory was ‘backup guard’ Reeves.

Reeves, who scored 35 points in the previous match against the Orlando Magic and impressed manager Davin Hamm, played as a starter and recorded 25 points and 11 assists in 39 minutes.

In particular, he showed on the court that he had his own weapon to dominate in the NBA, winning 13 free throws and making 12 of them. Reeves also drew 18 free throws and made 16 against Orlando.

Anthony Davis, who is considered the one-two punch of James and the team, also played his part with 27 points and 9 rebounds.

‘Transfer student’ D’Angelo Russell also played an active part in the outskirts with 26 points and 6 assists.

In Phoenix, ace Devin Booker struggled with 33 points, but could not prevent defeat.

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