“Respect for dedication to the team” Top rookie and No.11 bowing their heads, standard of reflection and forgiveness

A rookie player who received the most attention and expectations. The fall of the image was fleeting.

The aftermath of a line of social media posts that I never dreamed would be revealed. It was beyond imagination.

Hanwha rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19). After spending the worst four days of his life, on the 11th (Korean time), he stood in front of reporters gathered at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, a spring camp site.

Kim Seo-hyun said, “There was really no room for excuses for this incident. I am really very sorry.” “I am so sorry that I did not live up to the expectations of the fans and only disappointed them. I apologize again to the seniors and coaches who are training hard now. I want to say that I am,” he reflected and apologized. He continued, “While I was excluded from training, I heard a lot of good things from seniors and coaches. I kept thinking about the advice during my time alone, and I reflected more.” Kim Seo-hyun apologized, saying, “Before I was a baseball player, I became a basic person, and I will become a more mature person than I am now. I’m sorry again.”

After the controversy, he is known to have visited all his seniors one by one and bowed his head to apologize. In the process, he told the club, “I received a lot of advice from my seniors and learned a lot. I will stay away from social media as much as possible.”

Jung Woo-ram, the captain and the oldest, said, “Since we made a mistake once, we have to change a lot, work harder, become more mature, and train harder.” He gave sincere advice for you. Kim Seo-hyun said, “Hearing those words, I felt that I had acted really foolishly, and I deeply reflected on myself. In the future, I will live with the gratitude of the fans in my heart.”

Kim Seo-hyun once mentioned the ‘controversy of number 11’ engraved on the glove in an interview held at the rookie orientation held at the Daejeon Convention Center on the 12th of last month, about a month ago. He said, “There was a controversy because of the gloves카지노사이트. (At Hanwha) I engraved it because it was my favorite number before putting it on, but I didn’t know if people would contact me. It was engraved,” he explained. The part that suggests that he went through unexpected hardships with the number 11 engraved with admiration for his idol, the great senior Choi Dong-won. Even in this SNS controversy, there are complaints about that part.

Regarding the reason why she chose senior Choi Dong-won as her best role model, Seohyun Kim explained, “I looked for senior Choi Dong-won to play a lot in the past, and the biggest reason for her was to throw for the team.” A newcomer who wants to emulate the legendary icon who risked everything for her team.

The phrase “There is no player greater than the team” that coach Subero said on his hat should be engraved deep in his heart.

The starting point of reflection and forgiveness should be dedication to the team, prioritizing the team at every moment, like an idol you want to emulate. You have to work sincerely for a long time in it to recover the image that has fallen to the ground and the trust that has fallen step by step. Image loss is fleeting, but it takes a lot of time to recover. It is like the principle that polluted water is purified over a long period of time.

A young player who has just graduated from high school and entered the professional league, the adult stage.

The most important fact is how to recover from scratches in the future.

It is how sincere he acts toward his teammates and fans who have hurt and hurt him, and above all, his own heart, which has been ravaged by nightmarish accusations for three days. This is never a problem that can be solved by being good at baseball. Do not be mistaken.

It takes time and effort, but the opportunity to become the ‘good player, great player’ that a 19-year-old player dreams of is open enough.

We hope that this scandal will become a bitter medicine that will help Kim Seo-hyun, who is about to take her first steps as a professional baseball player, keep her open future healthy. Now is the time for the baseball world to watch the young players change with a slightly generous heart.

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