Resurrection of the clutch… ‘Park Jung-ah 24 points’ Highway Corporation, the first win in the championship

Korea Expressway Corporation, where Park Jung-ah, “Clutch Park” was revived, defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance and won its first championship match.

Korea Expressway Corporation beat Heungkuk Life Insurance 3 to 1 (22-25 25-21 25-22 25-20) in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Championship (3 out of 5 matches) held at the Indoor Gymnasium in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk on the 2nd. broken with Driven to the brink by losing the first and second games, the road construction counterattacked at home and led the championship game to the fourth game.

The resurrection of Park Jung-ah stood out. Park Jung-ah scored the most points in her game, posting 24 points, including 3 of her blocks. Catbell scored 21 points, and Bae Yu-na also scored 16 points to support the score. Heungkuk Life Insurance struggled with Kim Yeon-kyung with 22 points and Yelena with 21 points, but unfortunately lost.

In the first set, Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Yeon-kyung flew with 8 points and an attack success rate of 72.73%. Kim Yeon-kyung, who scored two points at the start of the game, turned the atmosphere around whenever the team was in trouble. In a situation where the road construction allowed a 16-16 chase, Kim Mi-yeon scored a point with a witty knockout, and Kim Yeon-kyung supported two consecutive goals and broke the opponent’s spirit. With Lee Joo-ah’s blocking added, Heungkuk Life Insurance reached 20 points first. After being pursued by two points again, Kim Yeon-kyung scored again and it became 23-20. Afterwards, Kim Mi-yeon and Lee Joo-ah scored and brought the first set.

The home team, Road Corporation, launched a counterattack in the second set. “Clutch Park” Park Jung-ah led the attack with 7 points and Catbell with 6 points. In the 20-20 situation, Lee Ye-eun, a rookie of the Korea Expressway Corporation, raised the atmosphere by succeeding in serving ace, and Park Jung-ah reached the set point with three consecutive goals. Kim Mi-yeon chased one point, but Park Jung-ah finished the set with a quick open.

A reverse electrode like a 3-set drama unfolded. The road construction was dragged throughout the set, and the defeat was dark as the 15-20 5-point gap widened. But the game started here. After catching up with the opponent by 1 point, Yuna Bae succeeded in a quick attack, open, and blocking in succession and pursued by 1 point. Bae Yoo-na’s attack was out and he gave up another point, but Park Jung-ah’s attack succeeded and Kim Yeon-kyung’s net touch finally tied the score 21-21.

The road construction, which was in the mood, succeeded in reversing with Catbell’s open attack, and rookie Lee Ye-eun succeeded in sub-ace again, widening the gap. Heungkuk Life’s Kim Yeon-kyung scored a point, but Catbell scored two more and brought the third set. 토토사이트

The road construction also succeeded in the reverse electrode in the 4th set and the 3rd set. The road construction, which was dragged 14-18, started the chase with Park Jung-ah’s blocking. This time, Bae You-na added 3 points with a fast attack, moving attack, and blocking, and Jeon Sae-yan’s block was also successful. In the meantime, Heungkuk Life Insurance only scored 1 point and tied 19-19.

It became 20-20 by giving and receiving one point, but the momentum of the road construction was stronger. Park Jung-ah and Catbell’s score, the opponent’s two attacks out, and Catbell’s last open attack were successful, and the road construction also brought the 4th set.

Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min said, “I changed the defense course against Kim Yeon-kyung and instructed the players, but that part seems to have been correct.” Then, he said, “I will not make it complicated,” and expressed his determination for the next game, saying, “I will trust the players and prepare for the 4th game.”

Park Jung-ah, who was very active on the day, said, “The first and second games were so lethargic, so the players reflected on each other.” . Then, he said, “I will win the next game so that I can go to Incheon (game 5) again without fail.”

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