‘Save this tough ball’… Kim Yeon-gyeon, set average digs ‘5.91’

He throws his body to catch the flying ball. This play called ‘Dig’ changes the atmosphere of the team completely. However, there are players who do close to six digs per set.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


The ball that Yelena, the tallest woman, hit hard. 토토사이트

No matter how strong he was, 163 cm libero Kim Yeon-gyeon sat down, but quickly got up and settled down.

The spike that Kim Yeon-kyung put down was supposed to fall into the court to avoid the blocking wall, but Kim Yeon-gyeon, who ran up to her, threw herself to catch it.

In this game, which was won after a close match, Kim Yeon-gyeon succeeded in 24 digs, proving why he was ranked first in this category.

He often rolls on the floor, but his obsession with the ball doesn’t stop even billboards.

If his hands don’t work, he uses his feet to score a thrilling score.

If you catch him out of the way by saving him by one piece of his paper, and if you pursue him persistently, even luck will follow.

Digg is called the flower of defense.

It brings vibrancy to the team and cheers to the fans.

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