SD team visiting Mexico, receiving gifts from WWE wrestlers and UFC fighters

The San Diego Padres team who visited Mexico received a special gift.

According to the ‘San Diego Union-Tribune’, on the 30th (Korean time), the San Diego team, which had a game against the San Francisco Giants at Estadio Alfredo Half Helu in Mexico City, Mexico, received gifts before the game. 먹튀검증

Presents to them were WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio and UFC fighter Brandon Moreno.

Mysterio gave him a Lucha Libre mask the same color as the San Diego City Connect uniform.

Mysterio is a Mexican-American from San Diego. He wrestles while wearing various lucha libre masks.

He has a deep affection for San Diego, to the extent that he named the technology he mainly uses as the San Diego area phone number, ‘Six One Nine (619)’. A special gift prepared for the San Diego team.

On this day, San Diego bullpen players wore this mask when moving from the dugout to the bullpen before the start of the game, receiving cheers from Mexican fans.

UFC flyweight fighter Moreno gave his fighters boxing gloves decorated in red, white and green, the colors of the Mexican flag.

Moreno is from Tijuana, Mexico. He boasts a brilliant career, including the first UFC flyweight interim champion and the 4th and 6th flyweight champions.

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