‘Shin Dong-soo → Kim Seo-hyun’ Park Bong’s temporary job, talk behind young players, even ridicule… How to live as an increasingly ‘extreme job’ professional baseball coach

 December 2020. A shocking incident occurred that turned the professional baseball world upside down. Shin Dong-soo, Samsung infielder, stirs up controversy over his remarks on social media. The private account was released as a captured copy and caused a great stir.

At the time, the coach, who was ridiculed토토사이트 by the player, said in a press interview, “The president is also criticized behind the scenes, but that can happen,” and said, “But it hurts because I don’t think my heart was fully conveyed to the player.”

About two years after that, this time, it’s noisy with a new player’s social media post criticizing the coach of his team.

Rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19), who joined the Hanwha Eagles as the first overall rookie, is the main character of disgrace. As the SNS private sub-account was leaked to the outside, the fact that the coach of the affiliated team was criticized was known to the outside and caused controversy.

Of course, this case is different from the Shin Dong-soo scandal. Shin Dong-soo not only openly mocked the coach at the time, but also threw a big shock by leaving a level of writing that was difficult to tolerate in all directions, such as belittling his fellow seniors and juniors and fans.

In the case of Kim Seo-hyun, she only expressed her dissatisfaction with the coach at the level of gossip in a closed sub-account. As writing in a diary, the grievous writings were unintentionally leaked, and it is a situation where you have to take responsibility for the consequences.

However, with the publication of the article, it is shocking and surprising that a young player who has just started his professional life poured out his dissatisfaction with inappropriate expressions toward his team’s coach, who should be difficult.

The Hanwha team conducted its own investigation and confirmed that the post was written by Kim Seo-hyun, and then placed a probationary measure on the player participating in the Arizona camp for three days.

“Seohyun Kim was excluded from group training for three days because she posted inappropriate posts such as disrespect for fans on social media,” the Hanwha club confirmed its own punishment, including a fine. Hanwha coach Carlos Subero also couldn’t hide his disappointment, saying, “I want to say that there is no player greater than the team. I decided to take a disciplinary action after communicating with the front desk in the hope that young Kim Seo-hyun would learn from this mistake and realize something.”

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