‘Son Heung-min hit the goal post-every one-on-one scene, the theater is noisy’… Tottenham-Villa Theater Live is also hot

“Ah! The benefit of the movie theater, where you quietly visit the theater to watch, was put aside for a while and filled with the heat of soccer. Every time Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) faced a one-on-one situation several times, applause and sighs abounded.

SPOTV, the broadcaster of the English Premier League, and Lotte Cinema joined hands to broadcast the exclusive live broadcast of the theater. The heat of Tottenham and Aston Villa, which was held at Villa Park in Birmingham, England, was also held at the cinema on the weekend. Tottenham and Villa fans who filled a coffin gathered and enjoyed the fierce Premier League ranking battle at the theater.

At 11 p.m. on the 13th, Lotte Cinema World Tower, where the theater was broadcast, was gradually filled with fans who came to watch soccer. It was late, so a fan wearing a uniform with Son Heung-min’s name and number 7 could be seen among the people dressed in comfortable clothes. The tension in the Premier League and the high expectations for Son Heung-min’s goal could be seen through the large and clear screen of the theater.

The appearance of entering the theater was no different from the opening of a regular movie theater. Even the popcorn, coke, and snacks in their hands did not appear to be fans gathered to watch the Premier League. However, I could feel a kind of relieved expression saying, ‘There is a passionate fan like me’ in order to exude a different kind of cheering energy from regular movies.

As usual, the theater door opened and I entered and sat down. The starting lineups of both teams were displayed on the big screen, and the lights gradually dimmed as Son Heung-min’s face was captured. The advantage of the theater is, of course, the sound. The sound of passing the ball behind the exhilarating commentary and the cheering from the field harmonized rhythmically.

It was only in the 7th minute that the reaction came out among the spectators who had been watching the game quietly until then. As Tottenham’s defense was disrupted by Villa’s Leon Bailey’s dribble breakthrough, the danger signal ‘Ah’ exploded from several mouths. And the moment Jacob Ramsey scored the opening goal, Tottenham fans let out a sigh. The ‘Shy’ villa fans sitting in the middle applauded.

Watching the theater was a different attraction than a soccer field without a ‘neutral zone’. As much as the cheers that erupt when Tottenham do well, the Villa fans also clapped hard. From the intermittent applause, a little cheering voice was heard. In particular, after Son Heung-min was fouled in the 14th minute of the first half, the heat gradually rose.

It was usually full of sighs. From a family unit who visited the theater saying, “My youngest child wanted to see Son Heung-min’s goal,” to a couple who said, “I also visited Tottenham’s game in Korea last year,” and “I saw a fan in a uniform just as I was about to go home after watching another movie (replayed at the theater). Even the men who said, “I) recognized” were mostly a crowd hoping for Son Heung-min’s performance. That’s why every time the one-on-one opportunity that had been frequented by Son Heung-min from the first half was canceled due to offside, it was overflowing with regret.

After the first half, when Tottenham couldn’t use their strength, leaving the seats in threes and threes to fetch more beer or to suffocate their necks was fun just showing football relays in theaters. In a normal movie, the flow is cut off and you can’t even try. Soccer has a short break after 45 minutes, and it is time for fans who have visited the theater to grab snacks again.카지노사이트

▲ Spotify in Lotte Cinema. Provided by Lotte Cinema

Unfortunately, Son Heung-min’s goal did not explode. Tottenham conceded an extra point with a free kick to Villa in the second half, making the defeat darker early. At this time, there were also spectators leaving the theater. It was not much different from a soccer field. At the end, the theater heated up with anticipation for a reversal as Harry Kane’s penalty kick was scored. When Son Heung-min shook the opponent’s net in extra time in the second half, it was similar to the World Cup. In the end, Tottenham lost 1-2 due to an offside declaration, but the fans who fell in love with the theater broadcast all showed bright expressions.

Overseas sports events and theater broadcasting, in collaboration with Spotiv and Lotte Cinema, will continue. The match between Liverpool and Villa will continue on the 20th, Arsenal and Wolverhampton Wanderers on the 29th, and the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United on June 3 will also be enjoyed exclusively at a total of 20 Lotte Cinema locations.

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