‘Strongest baseball’ → Independent league ‘Maximum word’ Hwang Young-mook, KBO draft challenge

Hwang Young-mook, who is active in JTBC’s baseball entertainment ‘Strongest Baseball’ and the independent league Yeoncheon Miracle, challenged for the rookie draft.안전놀이터

Hwang Young-mook, who is evaluated as the best infielder in the independent league (Independent Baseball Team Gyeonggi-do League), knocks on the professional door through the ‘Rookie Draft Tryout’ held before the rookie draft.

Hwang Young-mook belongs to Yeoncheon-gun (2022-present), Gwangju-si (2021), and Seongnam-si (2019) and has been active in the independent league for the fourth year this year.

Hwang Young-mook, a right-handed and left-handed infielder, mainly plays as a third hitter/shortstop. As an infielder, he has a strong arm and decent defensive ability, and is evaluated as an infielder with accurate contact ability and power in terms of hitting.

Hwang Young-mook has hit 167 hits in 396 at-bats in his independent league career so far, recording a batting average of 0.422. What is noteworthy is Hwang Young-mook’s ability to produce long hits. He hit 44 doubles, 12 triples, and 7 home runs in a total of 63 extra-base hits.

In particular, in the 2022 season, he recorded ’23 consecutive hits’ and ‘cycling hit’ and was selected as the ‘league best shortstop’. is proving itself.

Hwang Young-mook, who participated in the draft, said, “Unlike others, I have been dreaming of becoming a professional in an independent league and playing baseball. I am exercising while waiting silently in anticipation of what kind of baseball will unfold for me.”

Hwang Young-mook, who has appeared in ‘KBS Youth Baseball Team: Still Not Out’ and ‘JTBC Strongest Baseball’ and has made his face known to the public, is paying attention to which club he will be selected after a long wait.

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