TaylorMade “Introduction of the largest tour truck in Korea”

TaylorMade announced on the 24th that it has introduced the best-in-class TaylorMade Tour Truck to improve the performance of Team TaylorMade Tour players. 스포츠토토

The tour truck is an important space that directly affects the performance of tour players and supports them to improve their performance, from supplying supplies to analyzing and fitting the players’ clubs.

TaylorMade remade the tour truck that it had been operating so far on the largest scale in Korea. The new tour truck has increased its size, expanded the interior space, and made the movement line convenient. For the first time in a tour truck, the air door of the aircraft was also applied.

Tour trucks offer the same services as TaylorMade Tour Labs. The latest club fitting equipment is installed to help players compete with the perfect club. We also paid attention to the rest area. Using top-notch materials such as Alcantara, a resting area was created and the players stayed comfortably.

Lim Heon-yeong, head of TaylorMade Korea, introduced, “We created a new tour truck to enhance the performance of Team TaylorMade tour players.”

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