A player of the Chinese national soccer team, who suffered from virtually ‘free volunteering’, regained his freedom.

On the 6th, many Chinese media outlets, including Internet media NetEase, reported that Shandong Taishan of the Super League had recruited winger Wei Shihao (27).

Wei Shao was a player competing for the best domestic winger in China following Wu Lei as a member of Guangzhou FC, the center of ‘soccer rise’.토토사이트

However, he was directly hit by Guangzhou FC’s ‘salary cap limit’ this season. Guangzhou, with a maximum annual salary cap of 600,000 yuan (110 million won), paid an annual salary that did not match his ransom and virtually received ‘free service’.

In Shandong, he was reported to receive a base salary of 2 million yuan (370 million won), which is said to be an after-tax amount. The media reported that the agreement between the two parties was virtually complete, and that the original team, Guangzhou FC, had no choice but to release him due to relegation.

However, the need to overcome the fans’ anger is a task that the two parties must solve. After spending his youth in Shandong, he played in the Portuguese Primeira League (and second division) before returning to Shanghai Haigang in 2017.

At the time, there was no problem because he was rented from his original team, Lei Xiong, but he officially returned to the Super League through a transfer the following year. Taken.