Tennis star Camilla Giorge accused of fake vaccination certificate

Italian tennis star Camilla Giorgi (31st, 69th in the world), once popular as a beauty star representing the WTA (World Women’s Tennis Association) tour, is suspected of having been issued a fake novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccination certificate. It has been raised and a stir is brewing. According to her false credentials, she participated in the Australian Open and US Open last year.

Giorgi’s family’s doctor, Daniela Grillone (female), said in a recent interview with Italian media that Giorgi had been issued with fake vaccination certificates and that no one in her family had been vaccinated.토토사이트

According to Fox News, Yahoo Sports, etc., which cited Italian media, Jorge was listed on the list of athletes and celebrities who had not been vaccinated against the Corona 19 vaccine released in December of last year.

According to an Australian media (, Dr. Grillone was arrested in February last year on charges of administering fake immune serum injections and issuing fake vaccination certificates to high-ranking Italian officials.

“I have been treating the Jorge family for a long time,” said Grillone. Camilia Jorge suffered from so-called ‘tennis elbow’,” she told the Italian newspaper Corriere del Veneto.
“Just before the start of summer, she asked if I could provide proof of false vaccinations for all essential vaccines, not just the COVID-19 vaccine,” she said. There is,” he stressed.

She added, “I did not receive any payment for this case, and I am very upset and sorry for what I did.”

The WTA said she was aware of her allegations against Jorge and that she was monitoring the investigation by Italian authorities.

Last year, she competed in the Australian Open (3rd round) and the US Open (2nd round), where only vaccinated people can compete.

She did not respond to media requests for confirmation.

Jorge climbed to No. 26 in the WTA singles rankings in 2018, and has won three WTA singles titles in her career. Her accumulated winnings so far are $5,578,595 (DIR 6.94 billion).

He was defeated in the women’s singles qualifier of the 2nd Adelaide International held in Adelaide, Australia on the 7th, and her advance to the finals was frustrated.

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