The 2023 season is also aimed at with Oh Seung-hwan, the pillar of the bullpen, and 400 saves in total.

Samsung’s oldest Oh Seung-hwan (41) is still a pillar of the team’s bullpen in the 2023 season.

2022 was a season where I realized how big Oh Seung-hwan was in the Samsung team.

Oh Seung-hwan’s performance in the regular season last year was 6 wins, 2 losses, 31 saves, and an average ERA of 3.32, digesting 57 innings in 57 games. He hit the 30-save mark for two consecutive seasons following his 41-save season in 2021. In terms of his saves, he finished 4th in the league, and he was still in good shape.

However, an unexpected slump during the season also affected the entire team. When Samsung fell into a 13-game losing streak, the most in the history of the club, Oh Seung-hwan was also shaken. During this period, Oh Seung-hwan slowed down by recording three consecutive blown saves. He raised concerns as he recorded five blown saves during the month of July alone. 토토사이트

In the end, Seung-hwan Oh took the mound in the 6th inning instead of the 9th inning against Hanwha in Pohang on July 27th and digested his role as a middle pitcher. It was unusual for Oh Seung-hwan to appear before the 6th inning, including the 6th inning, only 4423 days after his resignation on June 17, 2010 against Lotte.

Fortunately, Seunghwan Oh started to come back to life in August. Seung-Hwan Oh’s August record was 3 wins and 5 saves in 10 games with an ERA of 0.90. Samsung, which entered the system of acting manager Park Jin-man from the beginning of August, also improved its performance enough to fight in the final 5 at the end of the season. In August, with a 10-11 win rate of 0.476, it raised a win rate close to 50%, and since September it has shown potential at the end of the season, recording the first win rate (0.621). It was largely thanks to the disappearance of anxiety about the back door as Oh Seung-hwan settled down.

Oh Seung-hwan Personally, the 2023 season is special. He started with 16 saves in 2005, the first year of his debut, and by the 2022 season, he had 370 saves in his personal career in the KBO League. If he puts up just 30 more saves, he’ll hit an unheard-of 400 career save height.

Besides KBO League Samsung, Oh Seung-hwan, who recorded 80 saves in Japanese professional baseball Hanshin and 42 saves in 4 seasons in the US major league, has 8 saves to reach 500 saves in Korea, the US and Japan.

Oh Seung-hwan, born in 1982, also has the motivation to win. SSG’s veteran players Choo Shin-soo and Kim Kang-min are the same age as Oh Seung-hwan. They shared the moment of SSG’s combined victory and pledged to continue his active career in the 2023 season.

Oh Seung-hwan’s last moment of victory was in the 2013 season. That year, Oh Seung-hwan led the team to victory and announced that he would advance overseas. As players of his same age led the team to the championship with leadership, it must be a great stimulus to Oh Seung-hwan. Oh Seung-hwan has repeatedly emphasized his values ​​of “I don’t care about age.” In many ways, the 2023 season has become a more important year for Oh Seung-hwan.

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