The fate of Ohtani, a ‘trade potential’… Why might it be different?

Trade rumors of Ohtani Shohei (29, LA Angels) heating up the offseason. On the contrary, it was argued that he would remain with the team.

On the 12th, the Japanese local media ‘Baseball Channel’ cited the US media ‘Yardbacker’ and suggested the possibility of Ohtani’s retention.

Ohtani will become a free agent (FA) after the 2023 season. His team, the Angels, is preparing a lot for Ohtani’s contract extension.

The will of the players is just as important as the will of the Angels. Ohtani has never made the postseason since his major league debut in 2018. As Ohtani has consistently shown aspirations for the postseason, news is being told that he can leave the team and move to teams that can challenge for World Series championships, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets. 토토사이트

If the Angels can’t sign a contract extension with Ohtani, there’s a good chance they’ll use it as a trade card. Ohtani is valuable because he is outstanding as both a pitcher and a hitter. You can try to improve your power by exchanging Ohtani with key prospects from other teams. This is why Ohtani’s trade rumors come to mind.

Contrary opinions were also presented. It is argued that Ohtani may remain on the team. The Angels are currently in the process of selling the club. We are looking for a new owner, and depending on the process, the management of the club may change. The media wrote, “If the new owner has enough ability (financial power) to sign a long-term contract with Ohtani, he may remain on the team.”

The improved team performance ahead of the 2023 season also served as a basis. The Angels have strengthened their squad ahead of this season. They acquired outfielder Hunter Renfro in a trade, and brought infielders Geo Ursella, Brandon Drury, and pitcher Tyler Anderson to free agency contracts.

He worked hard to reinforce the club to such an extent that the total annual salary of the players was the highest in the club’s history. The media said, “It is impossible to predict 100% of the postseason, but at least it will be possible to avoid being eliminated from the competition at the end of July (trade deadline).”

What will be Ohtani’s fate? Now that various possibilities are emerging, a lot of attention is focused on Ohtani’s future.

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