“I want to leave at the peak.”

Lim Myung-ok (36) of the Korea Expressway Corporation’s Libero set a record of her first 500 regular league appearances in the women’s division in her last match against Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 13th. In the men’s division, this is a record held only by playing coach Yeo Oh-hyun (589 games), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Ha Hyun-yong (548 games), and Korea Electric Power Corporation’s Park Chul-woo (506 games).

Myung-ok is steady. She has been rocking her V-League since her first professional year in 2005. From the 2007-08 season, he tried to switch from an outside hitter to a libero position, which changed Lim Myung-ok’s volleyball career. She has been on a winning streak, earning the nickname ‘Cherry’ from her fans, which is short for ‘the best libero’.

This year, she is 37 years old in Korea, and although she is gradually coming down from the top, Im Myung-ok’s skills are still the same. Nope, he’s not falling off, rather he’s having a second or third prime. Lim Myung-ok won the Best 7 award in the Libero category for three consecutive seasons and ranked first in receiving, dig, and defense overall. This season, Lim Myung-ok is also leading the league with a receiving efficiency of 60.63%. He also sits 1st on defense and 4th on the dig. 메이저사이트

Im Myung-ok, who met after the game with IBK Industrial Bank on the 16th, said, “Heungkuk Life Insurance played 500 games, but unfortunately lost. If I had won at that time, I would have thought that it would be meaningful, but I felt regretful that I lost.”

Continuing his words, he said, “I think it was a true idea from the time I turned to the libero. He didn’t get too sick and played for a long time. He thinks he has taken good care of himself. I want to praise that part,” he laughed.

Lim Myung-ok had his own routine even before his last season. He had to wear the same girdle and underwear, and 2-3 days before the game, he also took care of his nails. However, he did away with this routine last season.

Lim Myung-ok said, “I thought that he would be fine without the routine. He takes vitamins these days, and he always massages his legs the day before a match. He was bought by his groom for a leg massager after he had surgery on his knee last year. He helps a lot when moving. He always takes care of it even when he goes to away games,” he thanked the groom.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Lim Myung-ok said, “Everyone says they leave when they clap, but I want to leave when I’m at my peak. She could retire in a year, or she could do it after 40 like Daeyoung. But even when I retire, I want to be at the peak,” she said with strength.