The first coaching experience, half expecting, half worrying, “I will come back thinking about not having a good night’s sleep” 

Since she was a player, she thought a lot about wanting to work as a leader. Last year, she had a conversation with Cesar and asked what the atmosphere was like abroad. Personally, she thought she needed a leader who would act as a bridge between the players and the coach, and the coach seemed to have the same idea. She is always excited to do what she has always wanted to do.

Worries and concerns are proportional to the size of expectations. She has no leadership experience yet, and this is because she got to do this in the national team. She’s never been on a professional team, so she’s worried about herself. There will definitely be people around you who are worried. I think I should express myself as half expecting and half worrying.

It is true that there are more things to do due to Cesar’s absence. The responsibility is also great. It seems that the training program will be decided through a video meeting, and training videos will be sent and feedback received will be reflected in the training. There will be no big problems as there will be instructions from the coach, but I think my role will be as big as the coaches have to take care of the details.

Director Cesar said, “Come after thinking about not getting enough sleep.” You have to supervise the training, and after the training, you have to organize the progress in detail and deliver it to the coach, so there will be a lot of work to do. Of course it’s hard, but it’s so natural that I don’t worry too much. 토토사이트

Usually, I thought I had to be a leader who did a lot of research. I think it is important to guide players so that they can follow the global trend by trying new things, rather than doing what they are accustomed to from childhood. I think that giving players the feeling of ‘Ah, this coach is studying and working hard’ will motivate them and make them work harder. Even if the map is not 100% successful or does not match, it is undeniable that there is a synergistic effect in this process.

I think it’s also important to bring out the strengths of players. I think the role of a leader is to find a way to make the players play well, rather than to look at the flaws and say, ‘This is why it can’t be done’. I want to work in the national team without losing this mindset.

Having Kim Yeon-kyung as an advisor with the national team seems to be a great help not only to the players but also to me. It is an existence that can be a great force for players. If a big player like Kim Yeon-kyung takes care of the players, the players will like it and can actually help. In addition, I expect that the coaching staff will also receive help while communicating with the coach. I am happy to do a fresh job together as a coaching staff rather than a player.

On the 24th, he will enter the Jincheon National Training Center. It is the first time in 11 years since 2012 that they entered the athletes’ village. I pack my bags with more excitement than ever before.

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