The first meeting between ‘relaxed’ Yuna Kim and ‘awkward’ Seonwoo Hwang… East and Summer Stars Standing Side by Side at the Awards Ceremony

Yesterday (11th) Kim Yuna, the ‘Queen of Figure Skating’, and Hwang Seon-Woo, the ‘Swimming Signboard’, were honored with awards at the Korean Image Awards ceremony for their contributions to enhancing Korea’s image. Kim Yu-na said of her acceptance speech, “I am grateful to the fans for continuing to remember her good figure even though it has been a long time since she retired from playing.” Hwang Seon-woo said, “I think there are still many things I lack, but it is an honor to receive the Korean Image Award, and I will show a better image in the future.” Yuna Kim and Seonwoo Hwang, who met for the first time, will deliver the scene of the awards ceremony in 〈Sports Mug〉.  토토사이트

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