The late coach Kim Yeong-deok was not properly treated

Personally, I pick two coaches as the most underrated in the KBO League.

Coach Kim Yeong-deok, who passed away at the age of 86 on the 21st, and Kim Jae-bak, who led the Korean Series to the 4th championship. In particular, the late coach Kim received a harsh evaluation compared to his achievements in the Korean Series, where he won the runner-up six times, the most ever.

Since the KBO was launched in 1982, only two coaches have led the two teams to championships. They are Kim Eung-yong (Haetae, Samsung) and Kim Young-deok (OB, Samsung). If coach Kim Young-deok had added the Korean Series victory during the prime of Binggrae, he would have remained a monumental baseball player. However, history turned away from director Kim.

As is known, director Kim is a Korean-Japanese. He was a pitcher for the Nankai Hawks of the Japanese professional baseball team. The deceased crossed the Hyeonhae Sea at the end of 1963 to avoid discrimination against Koreans and settled there. At the time, he learned Japan’s advanced baseball first-hand, so he showed outstanding skills in domestic business baseball. He is also the first perfect game protagonist in unemployment baseball.

He was also recognized for his leadership as an amateur coach. When the popularity of high school baseball skyrocketed in the 1970s, he led the newly founded Cheonan Bukil High School to a strong team at once. From 1977 to 1981 before the launch of the KBO, he served as the manager of Bukil High School.

The deceased, who became the founding director of OB, beat the winning candidates MBC Blue Dragon and Samsung Lions to rise to the top of the Korean Series in the first year of professional baseball. He knew how to run the pro’s first long-running race, not the short-running unemployment baseball. He did not put Park Chul-soon as a starter, but used it as a bullpen to write an immortal 22-game winning streak.

The deceased was in charge of the coach of 3 teams. OB, Samsung, and Binggrae (now Hanwha). He left a win rate of 0.596 with 707 wins, 480 losses and 20 draws in 12 seasons in 3 teams, and is the “highest win rate” as a manager who has commanded more than 1000 games. The 1983 OB season is the only regular season win rate below 50%. The winning rate was 0.444 with 44 wins and 55 losses. 카지노사이트

Coach Kim is the first KBO recorder to win 100 units until reaching 700 wins. When it came to running the pennant race, it was unmatched. He advanced to the Korean Series 7 times in his career, but with 1 win and 6 losses in the series, he was branded as ‘weak in big games’.

In Korea, the number of teams is small, so the postseason performance is used to evaluate the manager’s ability. The best regular season score doesn’t matter much. The Major League has many teams and is a long run of 162 games, so regular season results are the subject of evaluation. Boss Cox, coach of the Atlanta Braves, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame, also has a World Series record of 1 win and 4 losses. Even with troikas on the mound, such as Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz, they have only won the World Series once.

One of the reasons why the deceased was underestimated even as the manager with the highest odds rate in the KBO is the uncomfortable relationship with the media. The commonality of those who are overestimated beyond their ability in all fields, not just domestic sports, is ‘media friendly’. The deceased couldn’t do that, and the deceased’s staff couldn’t protect director Kim. It’s unfortunate that words that could cause misunderstandings came back as a direct hit to him.

After coach Kim passed away on the 21st, the response of the KBO and Hanwha clubs is regrettable. If you want to imitate MLB, I hope you do well. MLB condolences to the families of former major leaguers and managers through the commissioner’s statement when they pass away. The club also immediately issued a statement of condolence.

Considering Director Kim’s contribution, the funeral procession was worth paying for a baseball or KBO field. He is also the first command tower to be inducted if the KBO has a Hall of Fame. KBO only issued a press release saying that the deceased had died.In the 2023 season, it would be reasonable for Hanwha to commemorate the deceased by putting the uniform number (70) on the team uniform as a patch. The deceased formed the strongest TNT lineup in KBO history. Hanwha has advanced to KS a total of five times. Of these, the deceased accomplished 4 times. No one can follow the achievements of director Kim Young-deok.

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