“The legend’s number 15 is on my glove, my best friend’s number 54 is on my back” [SS Interview]

The baby eagle remembers the two and is ready to fly on the professional stage.

Kim Seo-hyun (19), a new pitcher from Hanwha and the first nominee for the first round of the 2023 KBO League rookie player, will treasure the number of a legend and a close friend and play on the professional stage.

Kim Seo-hyun participated in the 2023 new player orientation held at the Daejeon Convention Center on the 12th and met with reporters, saying, “I matched another glove, but I engraved Koo Dae-sung’s number 15. Koo Dae-sung is my role model along with the late Choi Dong-won. I want to imitate senior Koo Dae-sung, who threw the ball he wanted to throw steadfastly even in unfavorable circumstances.”

Koo Dae-seong (54, retired) is a legend who led Hanwha to its first Korean Series victory as a closer in 1999. He is also the only Korean Series MVP of the Hanwha Eagles to this point. His jersey number during his active career was 15. Currently, left-hander Kim Ki-joong, who is in his third year at Hanwha, is wearing number 15. In response, Kim Seo-hyun engraved the number of Dae-sung Goo, who is known as the “invincible great star,” on the glove.

The uniform number is also special. Kim Seo-hyun wears the uniform number of her best friend from high school and plays on the professional stage. Number 54 was the uniform number of Jeon Da-bin, Kim Seo-hyun’s classmate at Seoul High School. Dabin Jeon failed to get his professional nomination in this rookie nomination. Kim Seo-hyun’s determination to do even his friend’s part on the professional stage stands out.

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined the eagle corps and became a baby eagle, made it clear that she wanted to become a closer pitcher like Koo Dae-sung. Kim Seo-hyun said, “I want to make 50 saves.” The current record for most saves in a season is 47 saved by Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung) in 2006 and 2011. Kim Seohyun said, “Originally, it’s good to have big dreams. 50 saves also means 50 wins for the team,” he said. But we can make it this year,” he expressed his confidence. 토토사이트

In February, the Hanwha 1st team spring camp will be held in Arizona, USA. It is highly likely that Kim Seo-hyun will also attend this event. He said, “I will make my body healthy so that it does not hurt, and if there is a part that needs to be fixed, I will fix it quickly. When I go to the 1st team camp, I will quickly memorize things like team tactics and autographs. Adapting well to the team atmosphere is a priority. I am still a rookie and I am still learning. I will support my seniors well.” Kim Seo-hyun said, “When I go to camp, I want to learn various breaking pitches from the pitchers. I will stick next to the seniors and pull them out.”

He takes the first step in his career as a player at Hanwha. However, he is Kim Seo-hyun who will never forget the late Choi Dong-won. Hanwha right-hander Nam Ji-min also wears Choi Dong-won’s uniform number and the number 11 he used in high school. I couldn’t engrave it on my glove or his uniform number, but I wonder if Kim Seo-hyun will keep the deceased’s number 11 in mind and play.

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