Al Nasr, who showed interest in signing Ronaldo, has virtually withdrawn his plan to sign Ronaldo.

A video was released on the 16th (Korean time) of Al Nasr chairman Al Muammar answering a reporter’s question about Ronaldo’s signing, “Who is Ronaldo? I don’t know Ronaldo.” Regarding this, a number of European media, including the British Mirror, reported on the 16th that ‘Al Nasr denied negotiations with Ronaldo’. Chairman Al Muammar expressed his interest in signing Ronaldo last month, saying, “Ronaldo is busy with the World Cup. I don’t think anyone will be able to negotiate with Ronaldo.”토토

Ronaldo had his contract terminated ahead of the World Cup in Qatar after rumors of a feud with Manchester United. Ronaldo competed in the World Cup in Qatar without his team and Al Nasrhaeng was predicted. On the 30th, Spanish media Marca and others said, ‘Ronaldo, who does not have a team, is close to an agreement with Al Nasr. Ronaldo will receive an annual salary of 200 million euros (approximately 272.7 billion won), including advertising contracts. He also said that his contract period will be 2 years and 6 months. When Ronaldo’s trip to Al Nasr drew attention, he directly told reporters, “I’m not going to Al Nasr,” ahead of the Qatar World Cup quarter-final against Morocco.

Ronaldo, who does not have a team, is adjusting his condition by conducting individual training at the Real Madrid training ground. In the meantime, Ronaldo has shown his will to continue his career at one of Europe’s top clubs. Ronaldo’s agent Mendes is said to have been in contact with various clubs during the transfer window last summer, including Bayern Munich (Germany), Chelsea (England), Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Napoli (Italy). European clubs have shown negative attitudes toward signing Ronaldo, and Al-Nasr is the only one who has expressed his desire to sign Ronaldo, but Al Muammar has shown a negative reaction to Ronaldo.