The reason Ji-ae Shin’s 62 wins, a respected female golfer throughout the world, is even more special

“He was surprisingly good at controlling himself. I learned a lot today. thank you for the experience I was lucky to see it up close.”

Kathy Porter (Australia), who was playing the champion group in the final round of the Australian Women’s Professional Golf (WPGA) Tour Victoria Open held at Thirteen’s Beach Golf Links (par 72) in Victoria, Australia on the 12th, was accompanied by Watching Shin Ji-ae (35) compete, she did not hide her surprise. Porter, who failed to win the championship after collapsing in the final round, expressed her wonderful feelings with words such as ‘learning opportunity’ and 토토사이트‘thank you’ while admiring Shin Ji-ae’s play rather than feeling disappointed. Shin Ji-ae said of Porter, “He’s still a rookie. Sometimes rookies play more impressive games, and I was surprised to see them. I hope I can learn something from this experience.”

Shin Ji-ae, who won her Australian stage, achieved her professional career 62 wins in a year and a half since the last 2021 Daito Gentaku Ihe Yanet Ladies. He won her first professional event at the SK Enclean Invitational in September 2005 when she was an amateur, and has won at least one win every year except for 2011 and 2022. He won 21 wins in Korea, 11 wins in the United States, 26 wins in Japan, and 3 wins in Europe, and he was spotlighted as a golfer capable of winning on any stage. In particular, all three of his European victories were held in Australia. After winning the ISPS Handa Australian Women’s Open in February 2013, the RACV Ladies Masters in February 2016, and the ActuAGL Canberra Classic in February 2018, he lifted the trophy again at the Victoria Open.

Shin Ji-ae is still a golfer who shows strong performance. [Photo by Gettyimages]

Shin Ji-ae is still called a golfer that her fellow players respect even on the overseas stage. A golf official familiar with Japanese women’s golf said, “Shin Ji-ae is recognized by fellow Japanese golfers as a golfer with more sincerity than anyone else in her attitude and manners toward golf. Ji-ae Shin believes that she can contribute greatly to golf by passing on her know-how, and she is still trying to set a good example for her fellow golfers.” He was selected as one of the 9 “Breitners” and is active. He was the only foreign player to be selected as an ambitious program in progress at the JLPGA, such as social media branding and golf dissemination activities to reveal the future of women’s professional golf

. The value of Shin Ji-ae, who won the 62nd professional championship in her 62nd professional career at the age of 30 and ranked first in the world in women’s golf in her teens, shines brightly in women’s golf.She still manages herself thoroughly, but protects her daily life with golf more in her 30s. In an interview published on WPGA, Shin Ji-ae said, “I am very happy that I finally won Victoria. I finally did it. I had a good reason to be back here,” she said happily.

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