The professional basketball gas corporation, which has been on the rise since the beginning of the second round, is trying to  escape from losing streak.토토사이트

The Daegu Korea Gas Corporation basketball team, which has recently recorded two losses in a row,  will play the last game of its six-game home game against Seoul SK, which is ranked 5th in the league,  at its home, Daegu Gymnasium, at 7:00 pm on December 21st  . Gas Corporation, which recently recorded 3 consecutive wins and succeeded in escaping from the lower ranks, lost its winning streak in the Changwon expedition, but  started with 3 wins in a row at the beginning of its 6 home matches and aimed to  jump to the top. However, KOGAS  knelt down again against Changwon LG  at home following the expedition, and lost 80 to 111 to Wonju DB, an opponent  who had never lost since its founding, on Sunday, the 18th,  and fell into a losing streak. Gas Corporation, which maintains 6th place,  escapes from a losing streak in the home game against Seoul SK and  goes on a chase for 5th place.